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Will uninstalling origin delete my games?

Best Answer:
  1. If you uninstall Origin, any games or content downloaded will no longer be playable. Log in and reinstall to play your favorites again.

The origin games are among the most popular and successful ones on the market. It is not surprising that when people are choosing which gaming platform to use, they often choose origin. But what happens if you want to uninstall origin? Will uninstalling origin delete my games?

This blog post will answer that question and more!

It is worth noting that origin games are stored in the cloud. This means when you uninstall origin, your origin games will still be available to play if you decide to reinstall origin again.

However, it should also be noted that this doesn’t mean there won’t be any side effects from uninstalling origin on your system.

The most common problem people have with uninstalling origin is they may not have saved all their game progress before removing the program for good. If you remove origin without saving your game progress first and don’t remember where a saved version of your file might be located, then there’s nothing left but to start over! Luckily though, some online sites offer free savegame downloads which can help prevent such.

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How To Fully Uninstall Origin

If you want to remove origin from your computer, then it is best if you uninstall origin through the control panel. You can find this by opening the start menu and typing in “control.” Click on Control Panel once found. From there navigate to Programs and Features. Scroll down until you see Origin or Electronic Arts Inc., which will be listed under a heading titled Uninstall/Change as well as above an Uninstall button labeled “Uninstall or change a program”. Once clicked, origin should begin removing itself automatically including any games that were installed with origin (if they are not already removed).

How to Restore Origin Games without re-downloading

Do you want to uninstall origin games? You might be wondering if uninstalling origin will delete your game files and how to restore origin games without re-downloading them. In this blog post, we are going to teach you how to do just that.

All of the instructions in this article were tested on Windows version 1607, but they should work for all versions of Windows from Vista onward. If you’re using a Mac or Linux computer, use equivalent commands where appropriate instead (e.g., “terminal” instead of “command prompt”, etc.).

If you have any questions about these steps, please let us know! We hope this helps with restoring origin games after an uninstallation process has occurred!

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Step One:

In order to restore origin games, you will need to use a tool called “Recuva” (with the capital R). You can download it from this link.

Step Two:

After downloading and installing Recuva, locate your origin folder in your documents library. The default location for origin is C:\Program Files\Origin Games or Program Files(x86)\Origin Games on 64-bit operating systems.

Step Three:

Open Recuva by double-clicking its icon, then select “Deep Scan”. This might take some time if there are many fragmented files that have been lost; please be patient as we do not want any unnecessary data loss. When prompted with an option of where to search for files, select “Local Hard Drives”“.

Step Four:

After a short while, you should see the origin folder in the window. Select it and then press the icon that looks like an arrow pointing to up on a computer screen with green text below it that says “Recover Files” (again this will be at the bottom of Recuva).

If Recuva has been successful in restoring your origin games from before uninstallation; please let us know by commenting below! Good luck all!

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Important Notes From Author: If after following these steps your origin games cannot be restored or found – there is not much more we can do for you. There are some other tools available online which may help restore or find them but


Will uninstalling origin affect Sims 4?

Origin does not delete saved files, even when you uninstall. You’ll still be able to play your games offline at any time!

What does uninstalling a game on origin do?

You can reinstall games after uninstalling them. The only problem is if you decide to uninstall a game then want to get it back at a later date, any saved progress will be lost.

Can origin be reinstalled?

If you move from one drive space to another, make sure you uninstall Origin and delete its installation folder. You do not need to do this if it has been reinstalled after a Windows reinstall.

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