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Why has my POF account disappeared?

Best Answer:

To ensure that people aren’t using Plenty of Fish for malicious reasons (i.e., to scam, spam, or impersonate someone else), the account will be deleted if any such behavior is observed.


How do I get my POF account back?

Step 1: Go to Plenty Of Fish official website.
Step 2: Login by entering your email address and password.
Step 3: Enter a new password and login with the new one.

Does POF tell you when they delete your account?
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Apparently, a sudden disappearance of activity on your profile might be a sign that POF has deleted your account.
Attempting to find out for yourself whether your POF account was removed by logging in and viewing the deletion would not yield any information; there is no one sitting within the POF headquarters who can at least signal where it ended up getting sent.

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How do you know if someone deleted their profile on POF?

If they delete their account, you will no longer be able to access messages between you.

Why did POF delete my picture?

Plenty of Fish is a friendly chat site with members who don’t use it to post disturbing or graphic photos.

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Can you have 2 POF accounts?

You are not permitted to create multiple accounts on Plenty of Fish without permission from our Customer Support Service staff. Inclusive of this, you cannot use an account that isn’t yours.