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Where does Google save credit card info?

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Credit card information saved in Chrome and Google Payments will be available automatically when you make a purchase.


Google’s terms of service spell it out pretty clearly: “Your credit card number is processed by Google Payments.” There you have it. The first place to look for your credit card purchases from Google Play would be in your Google Wallet account, which you can access here . You’ll also see how much money you have left on any gift cards that you’ve received through the site. If a purchase isn’t there, or if you’re looking for an older transaction that may have been made through the Chrome Web Store or Gmail , then take note of this information about data saving methods and hope for the best. That said, let’s get started

The first thing we need to do is download a program called Android Backup Extractor .

You can download it here . When you run the program, go ahead and sign up for a free account if you don’t already have one. You’ll need this to save your backup files to your computer.

The next thing we need is your Google Wallet password or fingerprint login information. If you use a PIN code on your phone in general, then that’s what you’re going to want to enter into Android Backup Extractor as well. (Though now that Chrome OS supports fingerprint logins , it might be better just to trust Google with all your passwords — after all, they have access to everything anyway.) Once you’ve entered this info, click “Next.”

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Now select the most recent backup from the list of available options; this is the full backup that Android creates automatically whenever your phone boots up. You might also see a previous Nandroid or ClockworkMod backup here; if you’re trying to find purchases made with an older device, then click one of these instead. We’ll also be coming back to this section later on in case we can’t find what we’re looking for with our main method.

Now select “Google Play” in the category list at the left-hand side of the window and choose “Payment Info.” Then click Next again. Now all your payment information will appear, sorted by most recent transaction first . If you’ve had some funny business going on with fake purchases lately, then now’s your chance to check things out! Just scroll through the list and double-check that you’re looking at the correct payment info.

If it looks like everything’s where it should be, then you’ve got a few options. If you know the exact date of your purchase or just want to check for payments made within a relatively short window of time, then you can skip down to Step 6. But if you’d like to look at each and every transaction Google has ever charged your account for — which could include things like automatic renewals on subscriptions, in-app purchases, or anything else — then go ahead and click “Export selected items” at the bottom right-hand corner of Android Backup Extractor. Then choose CSV as your format , name the file appropriately , and save it to wherever you want it.

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Now, go ahead and open that file in Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet program. Make sure the first row of your spreadsheet is titled “Date” — and double check that it’s formatted as a Date rather than just text! Once again, this is important . Now delete all the rows except for the most recent one and the previous 30 days’ worth of transactions (if you want to have everything handy). This will give us a list of dates when Google has charged your account recently, which we can then use to find transaction info with less legwork in Google Wallet.

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How do I find my saved credit cards on Google?

To save or remove credit card information, click the three dots in the top right corner and click on Settings. On the left side of screen scroll to Autofill under the Payments section. Scroll down for more payment providers you might want to save for future purchases with Chrome; select Save & Fill Payment Methods which will either allow autofilling saved cards when they’re needed or automatically saving new cards (depending on your selection) that are typed in during future transactions.

How do I remove my credit card information from Google?

“On your computer, go to your Google Play account.
Click Edit payment methods. You will go to your pay.google.com account.”
“On the left, click Payment methods.”
“Under the payment method you want to remove, click Remove.”

Why is Google services charging my credit card?

These cards authorizations are a precautionary measure, so you know that your card is valid and that it will not be overstretched. They are requests, not charges. You do not need to pay for these autonomous requests.