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What is Pocket account in Icici?

Best Answer:
  1. Pocket is a VISA-powered e-wallet that any bank customer.
  2. Can use to recharge their phone, send money, shop nearly anywhere, pay bills, and more.
  3. Pockets come with a physical shopping card that may be used to purchase goods from any website or retail location.

Pockets Digital Wallet By ICICI Bank – Everything You Need to Know


Is Icici pocket free?
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The ICICI Pockets Savings Account has the following fees and charges: After your first five financial and non-financial transactions in a month, you will be charged Rs. 20 for a financial transaction and Rs. 8.50 for a non-financial transaction.

What is the benefit of Icici pockets?

Pay bills, top-up mobile phones, book movie tickets, purchase food, send physical & e-gifts, split and share expenses with friends using this e-wallet to pay bills, recharge mobiles, book movie tickets. Money can also be transferred from zero savings balance accounts. On February 16th, 2015

How can I get Icici pocket card?
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Rs.100+ in service fees will be taken from you and your Pockets Card will be sent to you.