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What has guided GG?

Best Answer:
  1. Guilded is a website that helps people connect.
  2. With other gamers who are looking for a group to play there.
  3. Favorite games with.
  4. Lt eliminates the clutter and narrows it down to what most gaming guilds require.
  5. Players or teams can use Guilded to create applications.
  6. That can assist them in recruiting faster and playing better.

Moving From Discord To Guilded: A Tour Of Our Guilded Server.


What is gilded GG?

The goal of Guilded is to develop a chat platform focused on competitive gaming and esports that allows players to stay organized and in touch with their teams. You may use voice chat while you’re actually playing a game and access the app while you’re not.

Is Guilded GG better than discord?
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The quality is considerably improved, and steam users can whisper to a specific individual in chat by pressing a hotkey, ensuring that only they can hear them. Gamers have benefited greatly from this since it has simplified many occasions.

How is Guilded different from discord?

You may use Streams on Guilded in place of “Go Live,” which are essentially their form of streaming channels with a text channel such as on their voice channels. Discord’s announcement channels are text systems that can be followed, allowing their messages to be “published” to another server.

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Who owns Guilded GG?

Guilded, a gaming esports team management software created by former professional gamer and Instagram’s growth team member Eli Brown in 2017. Professional esports teams as well as over 50,000 high schools, collegiate, casual, and semi-professional sports teams use it. The business currently has 15 employees.

How do I get a Guilded partner?
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You must be at least 18 years old. You live in North America or Europe (more regions coming soon). Your guided server is online. … Keep your cool both on and offline. … Participate in social media activities.