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What happens when you deactivate a ps4?

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  1. A few features of PlayStation Plus will not be available when you sign in, such as uploading your save files to the cloud. A few other restrictions may also apply when signing into PSN; check here for a full list of what works and doesn’t work with your account.
  2. Some games that you have purchased digitally won’t be playable if PSN

PS4 Primary System Deactivation

I was wondering what happen behind the scene when you deactivate your ps4 from a certain country, or delete all user data.

If it’s not possible to access the console once its activated in a specific region then I would assume that deleting all user data is basically erasing the entire OS and resetting it back to factory setting? Which means restoration of licenses can be done after reactivating it, so why do we need to pay for another activation with SEN membership when deactivating the first time? Can’t they just activate your PSN ID as soon as you logged on for the first time after reactivation with your account without needing any form of subscription to play online? They seems like kind of wasting their money with these kind of stuff.

I don’t think it’s possible to deactivate your console without deleting the entire system, and unfortunately licenses are tied to consoles and not PSN accounts. They can’t ‘re-activate’ your PS4 with a different account after you’ve paid for it, so that’s why you have to buy another license to play online if you want to use the console in another country – which explains why they charge money for usernames/gamertags too! what happens when deactivating the console? do all the games in ur ps4 get erased too? no licences = nothing can be played right.. What I’m wondering is: How much space does a license take on my hard drive? If I were to sell my console without deleting the licenses, will I be able to play when I buy it? And is there any way to access games from other regions before buying a whole new account or console?

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What does deactivate a PS4 mean?

If you are no longer using your PS4 because it has served its purpose, you need to deactivate the account.
Original: It’s easy to change your monitoring settings for what shows up on screen if you have an Xbox One console. To edit parental control settings on Xbox One consoles running Windows 10 Creators Update or later versions of the system, go to Settings > All Settings > Family & other users and select Child

What happens when you deactivate your PlayStation?
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When you cancel your account any content you have purchased with the account or accessed will be lost, and refunds can only be given within the cancellation policy for a PlayStation Store refund.

Can I deactivate PS4 online?

If you can’t access a PlayStation console and want to deactivate all devices attached to your account, it’s still possible using Account Management on the web browser. You can only deactivate your consoles once every six months. To do so, go to Device Management > PlayStation Consoles > Deactivate All Devices in Account Management.

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How do I deactivate my PS4 account from another PS4?

To delete a user, go to the web app settings menu and click on “User Management.” You will see a list of all users from there. To delete them, go to the desired users and press the X button followed by confirm deletion.
Note: Make sure to carefully scrutinize your entries for each user before deleting because once they are deleted you are unable to undo this action.

What should I do before selling my PS4?

Before selling your console it is important to format it. Formatting ensures that all data will be deleted like your PlayStation account, linked social accounts, and games.