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What happens if I delete my Steam account?

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  1. If you delete your Steam account: game licenses, community profile, gifts, inventory items, and other associated information will be deleted permanently.

How to Delete Your Steam Account Forever

How to Delete Your Steam Account Forever Delete Steam folder at Steam installation location. Delete Steam shortcut on the desktop and delete Steam shortcut in Applications folder. Delete Steam icon from Dock, if you use Mac computer. Change Steam password to something else other than what it is now (you need to write it down or remember it). You may also want to change your Steam username as well.

Set Steam account as dormant, which means that you are still logged in but all game activity stop on Steam side automatically , including downloads of new updates . It will take a while for changes to update due to caching system used by Steam servers (could take up to 72 hours ). But after that, others cannot log into this Steam account anymore or view any information about account profile beyond the Steam user name and Steam friends list . Steam does not recommend this approach and warn that you may never be able to use Steam again if you choose this option. This is Steam’s official stance on deleting Steam account, as stated in Steam Support page: Deleting Steam Account – “Your Steam account contains all your game information and digital purchase history. If you delete your Steam account permanently , it cannot be recovered, and any games or other products purchased through Steam (including gifts) will no longer function .”

After deleting Steam account , you can still log into Steam with a different username but you have no access to any part of the previous Steam account anymore . You should expect almost complete deletion of profile including linked credit card used to purchase something on Steam (but that depends on Steam support, Steam policy and Steam store rule). Steam Support page also have a warning stating that Steam may not delete all the information associated with your Steam account due to technical limitations.

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1. Steam Support

To delete Steam account forever, you can reach Steam support and ask them to take away all games that you purchased or gifted from Steam store, as well as Steam wallet balance. In this way, Steam account will be considered empty and cannot be used for purchasing any more games or gifts in Steam store.

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2. Steam Forums

If you think deleting your Steam account is wrong thing to do because many time , money and effort has been spent on it, here are tips to delete Steam account manually:

Delete all the saved information that stored in your computer (such as screenshots of the played games). Delete local copies of the game files by going to \Steam\userdata\\YOUR USERNAME\\remote . should list profile game which it tell, program the launch to need just you because is This .


Should I delete Steam account?

Before you delete your account, weigh the consequences. You may never use Steam again and all your money will be lost if you were to decide to leave it later.
That being said, refund options do exist.

Can I make a new Steam account and keep my games?

3 Answers. You don’t need to create a new account when you get a new PC, contrary to what some people might have told you. On your new PC, sign in with the old account and all your games will show up as they always did. If you wanted to play on both at once- then that’s something only share accounts can do.

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Can you die from steam?

Unlike other methods of accidental death, deaths from accidental inhalation of steam are rare. Two cases of small children who died while inhaling superheated steam in a closed space are reported. Moreover, it would seem that fatal hypoxia occurs within a few minutes from the effects of inhalation of steam in a closed room.

Can you transfer all your Steam games to another account?

No, due to technical limitations, some Steam games may not be available for sharing. For example, titles that require an additional third-party key or account cannot be shared between accounts. Add-ons may not be shared if the borrower also owns the base game.

Can I have 2 Steam accounts with the same email?

You can have as many different email addresses on a single account. However, you cannot buy things with the same credit card in multiple accounts.

How do I permanently delete steam?

Open the Add or Remove Programs dialog. Select Steam from the list and click the Change/Remove button. Click Next to select automatic updates, then Finish to uninstall Steam.

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