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How many reports does it take to close an Instagram account?

Best Answer:
  1. Instagram accounts.
  2. Post content that break Community Guidelines.
  3. Which could cause them to be pulled down in 3-4 reports.

If you ask Instagram, one report is enough. Just one. After that, they will take any action they can: delete your photos, shut down your account and even ban you from the service entirely.

But what if it’s not because of anything you did? What if Instagram has instead decided to discriminate against your gender or something else about you? Who do we turn to then?

Well apparently only a complete investigation by Facebook itself is sufficient for them to consider lifting restrictions on an account. This isn’t just a privacy policy either; this is their actual procedure as described in their operations manual for abuse teams. According to them the review process should normally take no more than two business days — but I am still waiting after more than five months. I guess that’s what happens when you try to report a celebrity who has been been stalking you for several years…

I first began in December 2015: http://pastebin.com/r5nndB9y and then again in January 2016: https://imgur.com/a/JL3SZ including both the harassment reports themselves as well as all of the screenshots to justify them. I even wrote up an article on Medium, which is essentially a condensed version of all of these documents: https://medium.com/@katslepique/instagram-harassment-explosion-76d8f2fb1bb6 . In it I also mentioned some stories about how other women had been treated by Instagram, and also about how irritated I was at some of the inconsistencies in their policies.

The complaints are still there: https://imgur.com/a/x5mRV but they have actually gotten worse since then because he has escalated his behavior to physical threats as well (you can see screenshots of that in the article). He has now joined up with an anonymous gang, and together they make it their job to harass women on social media — arguing that they should be ashamed for having sexual relationships with men who aren’t them, or talking shit about their bodies, or telling them to kill themselves if they want the harassment to stop. This is no longer a case of being creepy on the Internet.

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You can close an Instagram account by following the instructions below:

Log in to your Instagram account. Click the gear icon from your profile and select ‘Account Settings’. Choose ‘Deactivate my Account’ on the left side of the screen. Enter your password and click ‘Done’. If you remember this information in case you have a change of heart, it’s always best to verify your email address at this time as well so that it will be there during the deactivation process if needed. At the bottom of the ‘Deactivate my Account’ page is a tick box that lets you confirm that you’d like to deactivate your Instagram account. Once confirmed, Instagram will send a message confirming that you would like to deactivate your account and delete all of your personal information. This message will also have a link to this page which explains how Instagram protects user privacy during deactivation. If you would like to read up on that, click ‘Okay’ And then click ‘Deactivate my Account’ again at the bottom of the screen.

Once you’ve deactivated your account, it won’t be visible to other users and it can’t be recovered in case you change your mind. Read more about how we protect user privacy during deactivation here: https://help.instagram.com/268722705528375​

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Deactivating your Instagram account does not automatically remove any photos or videos from Instagram’s servers nor tag them with the hashtag #deactivated.

Deactivating your account won’t delete the private messages you have exchanged with other users and will not remove any direct messages from people who have already sent you a message. All those messages are still stored on Instagram’s servers for 90 days after your account is deactivated.​

There are no refunds for deactivating an Instagram account, regardless of whether you have purchased followers or any other paid service with us. Additionally, if you decide to reactivate your account at a later point in time, there will be no option to recover any content that was deleted by being reported or removed due to copyright infringement claims – so think ahead!

A few things to keep in mind before closing an Instagram account

If you intend to deactivate your Instagram account for more than a few days (a week or more), you’ll want to make sure that your posts are set to private and/or you have blocked any followers who might be using third-party apps to follow you if they are not already personally connected with you on Instagram. Otherwise, those accounts could still be able to see some of the photos that have been posted while your account is deactivated.

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Note: It’s possible for someone to figure out an Instagram user’s email address by searching their name online, but we don’t provide email addresses or any other personal information attached to accounts when an account is deactivated unless the user requests it themselves. If this happens, please.


Will reporting an Instagram account delete it?

Instagram is a platform for animal lovers, and will not tolerate violations of this rule. Animal abusers should know that their account will be deleted immediately if they are reported by Instagram or if their content does not adhere to the terms on this site.

How many reports are needed to shut down an account?

In some cases, it takes less than 24 hours to delete a page. Reports must be finished and sent.

How long does it take for Instagram to shut down an account?

Deleting your account may take up to 90 days, and any content you posted may remain stored in the backup system we keep for disaster recovery purposes.

What happens after reporting an Instagram account?

Reporting someone on Instagram sends an abuse report anonymously to the social media team for review, and if it’s found that this person has violated Instagram policies, they will be suspended from posting.

Can I call Instagram to report an account?

In the event of a copyright violation or an account being hacked, you can contact Instagram to report it at 1-650-543-4800. If you are unable to speak with an agent immediately, online help is also available at Instagram’s Help Center.