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How long does it take to reactivate LinkedIn account?

Best Answer:
  1. After you close your LinkedIn account.
  2. There is a 20-day window where your LinkedIn account remains accessible.

There are some instances that your LinkedIn account may be temporarily or permanently disabled. Some of the reasons for this to happen include:

Inappropriate username Uploading inappropriate content Creating duplicate accounts using automated software Using a fake identity Misuse of system resources Violating policies and terms Privacy violations

Disabled accounts’ email addresses will no longer work, as there is really nothing you can do about it. However, like in any social platform, reactivating an account is simple. This article takes you through all the possible steps that you can use to reinstate your profile on LinkedIn. Let’s get started now!

A working computer or mobile device For desktop users, you need a web browser. For mobile users, you should have the official LinkedIn app installed on your device. The link to download it depends on the platform you are using; we will provide this later in this article Suffice to say that if there’s no “LinkedIn” icon on your phone or tablet’s home screen, then just Google ‘download linkedin’ and get it from there.

Method 1: Reactivate Through Email

In this method, you’ll need to contact LinkedIn support that will handle your request to reinstate your account. You can do so via email at [email protected] . This is a free service for all members and it’s the fastest way to get your account back online. The great thing about it is that you should receive a reply almost immediately from the friendly staff at Linkedin Support saying they’ve received your email and requesting more details about how I got glued by my name or email address or password which made me unable to login into my account. Also provide them with any links in case you have posted something on third-party websites or on other social media sites that got your account disabled.

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Once you’ve emailed them, it may take a couple of weeks before they get back to you saying that your account is now up and running again. During this time, you can still log in using the email address and password that were previously used to create the account. Once reactivated, go into settings/account information on Linkedin and update your password for future reference in case Google or Yahoo or any other website where you use this email stops working or gets hacked and your credentials are leaked online.

Note: Do not use LinkedIn’s contact form for anything other than asking a question about its product or service because their staff will ignore such messages and they’ll never get responded to.

Method 2: Reactivate Through Phone

You can also reach out to their customer service via phone for urgent issues. The great thing about this method is that you’ll have the opportunity of speaking with a real human being and not just receiving automated messages like what’s available on the website form. On your phone, dial 1-650-804-4044 and wait for someone to pick up. If it takes more than 10 minutes or so, then hang up and try again later. Also, don’t give up after multiple attempts; keep calling until you get through!

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If you are having trouble reaching their customer support department via email (which most likely happens during peak working hours), then give them a call. Call early in the morning or late in the evening when Gmail’s inbox is not flooded with messages. Give them your full name and the email address you’re using. You can also tell them which time zone you currently live in so that they can assist you more quickly during the given timeframe. And finally, ask them to send an automatic message through their system saying that you’d like to reactivate a particular account, including all relevant details about it for verification purposes.

The great thing about this method is that if LinkedIn’s customer support team verifies that it’s really you trying to get back into your account, then they will proceed with reactivating it immediately without making you wait several weeks for an automated reply like what happens when using the email service. Again, don’t use the contact form on their website for anything other than asking general questions about the product because it doesn’t go through to a real person and they won’t respond. And also don’t ask them for any services that are not related to getting your account reactivated since you’ll probably end up talking to someone in sales or who can only assist you with upgrading your account, products, etc.

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Method 3: Reactivate Through Phone or Video Call On Linkedin’s mobile app, tap on ‘Help Center’ and select ‘Contact Us’. Then choose the situation from either ‘I’m having trouble signing into my account’, ‘My company email is no longer working’ (if you’re a business user), or if this is what happened to me.


How long does it take to reactivate LinkedIn?

How long do I have to reopen my account? You will need to apply for reactivation within 20 days after which we won’t be able to. After this duration, you will need to create a new LinkedIn login.

How do I reactivate my LinkedIn account?

To be connected to the server, click on big blue button and then let the webpage do all work. Finally, please indicate you’re not a robot by clicking on this checkbox.

Can I reopen my LinkedIn account after closing it?

If you believe your account was closed in error, contact support. Alternatively, you can request to have it reopened by contacting LinkedIn from the desktop or mobile device:
1) Click “Profile” on the top right corner of any screen and select “Restore my account”;
2) Follow instructions from there.

What happens if I deactivate my LinkedIn account?

Deleting your LinkedIn account equates to permanently deleting all records on the site.

Can I temporarily deactivate LinkedIn?

Although we don’t allow you to turn off your account, you can manage your public profile to control who sees it when they search the internet.