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How do you get popular on wishbone?

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  1. Advertising your account on ‘follow for follow’ accounts, entering contests and giveaways can help create a following.
  2. If you are looking to grow your followers soon, make sure to reciprocate when it comes to messages and posts.

This article is going to cover how to get popular on wishbone. Wishbone is a website where people can buy, sell, and trade stuff that they don’t need anymore. It’s a great way to save money because you can re-purpose or recycle old items that no longer have value to you and make other people happy in the process. I’ve been using it for two years now and have had over $1500 worth of transactions with around 300+ transactions and I would like to share some tips & tricks that could help you get your account more popular so that you’ll be able to sell more stuff faster! There are many ways you can increase your popularity, but here are my top three recommendations:

1) Have really go your items.

Wishbone’s users do not look at the item description in much detail, but they do look at the pictures closely to get a good idea of what condition the product is in and if it will be worth their money. So make sure that you have really high quality pictures! When using my camera: I find that for outdoor shots, 400mm zoom with an F4 aperture is good enough and use macro mode when taking indoor shots. You can use these settings on most cameras nowadays. If you don’t have a fancy camera or are just starting out then try to take clear photos with natural light (when possible), so that the colors of the picture depict how it actually looks like in person.

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2) Offer FREE Shipping.

This may not seem right to you and I thought the same thing before I started using Wishbone on a regular basis, but after selling over $1600 worth of items on Wishbone, many people prefer free shipping even if they do have to wait longer for their item to arrive. It just goes to show how cheap some people are nowadays. If you want more tips on how you can offer free shipping here is a good article from eCommerceFuel that explains How To Offer Free Shipping On Your Online Store | Ecommerce Fuel Article . You could also try out Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon , which lets you store your products in an Amazon warehouse where customers can choose two-day or one-day shipping at no extra cost.

3) Be responsive & friendly to customer needs.

This is extremely important! You should respond to every message that you receive on Wishbone as soon as it comes in. There have been times when I was selling something and somebody messaged me regarding a different product and I sold the item that day before answering the buyer’s question (smart, huh?). But if you don’t answer their questions or respond to their messages, they may think that you are rude which will make them less likely to buy from you in the future because they won’t want too risk dealing with an unresponsive seller again. Also be willing to negotiate your prices with buyers if they ask for lower prices; this way you’ll end up selling your products faster for less money out of your pocket.

Now that you know the top three tips & tricks to get more popular on Wishbone I hope this article has helped you and I also hope that it gives buyers & sellers a better experience while using Wishbone, where they can both save money!

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Wishbone has been a revolutionary platform for sellers who want to shop from China while saving lots of money in the process! If you’re an online seller or just somebody who wants to buy products online, Wishbone might be the right place for you! This post will cover three of the best tips & tricks to help both buyers & sellers get more popular on this website. So let’s begin:One thing I’ve noticed about most users is that if they see over 200 listings of a certain item then they are less likely to buy it because there are too many similar items listed which makes them think there may.


How do you get popular on wishbone?

To get more followers on Wishbone, post a lot of high-quality cards. Make sure all questions are thought provoking and don’t have the same answer (for example “coke or pepsi” is not an original question).

How does the wishbone Leaderboard work?

The leaderboard starts over every day at 6am EST. If a wishbone is posted after 6mm EST, and you vote for it, then you get one vote. However, votes from any other time will not count nymore

Can you earn money on wishbone?

Wishbone is also making a little bit of money from the app, interspending video ads alongside voting cards. The company’s data collection goes beyond user demographics to include their very own teen demographic, but their plan for this data remains in limbo at this point.