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How do you delete your old YouTube channel?

Best Answer:
  1. Make sure you’re signed in to YouTube with.
  2. The channels you want to delete.
  3. Go to your advanced account settings and choose the Delete channel
  4. Select I want to permanently delete my material.

How to recover old YouTube channel without email and password.


Should I delete my old YouTube channel?

If you have any of these items on your channel, you’ll probably want to get rid of them. You can simplify your video experience by removing these things, which will give your channel a better chance at being suggested videos in the future. Make sure that all of your channels and videos are completely on-brand: Having an outdated product, service,

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How do I delete a YouTube account I can’t access?

Go to your Google Account settings and sign in with your YouTube channel’s Google Account. Verify that you’re using the account associated with your YouTube channel. Go to Manage Your Data & Personalization in your Google Account. Select Delete a Service under Remove a service on the screen. Delete a service may be accomplished by selecting it and then clicking Delete a

Does YouTube delete inactive accounts?
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Users are generally expected to participate actively in the YouTube community. If an account is found to be inactive after a reasonable amount of time, it may be reclaimed by YouTube without warning.

Does YouTube ever delete old videos?

The videos on YouTube do not get deleted because they’ve been up for a lengthy time, regardless of how seldom people watch them. Your movies will stay online as long as they aren’t in violation of the Terms of Service.

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Do you lose money if you delete a YouTube video?

If you delete before then, you risk losing that money. The revenue won’t finalize if there isn’t a channel to send from.