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How do you delete progress on Roblox?

Best Answer:
  1. If you want to clear.
  2. All achievements and lock up the game.
  3. Head to the main menu and tap Settings.
  4. From there.
  5. Select Reset Game Progress and confirm your choice so that we can reset progress in-game.

I want to delete my progress on Roblox, because it’s taking up too much space. And I do not want any of my friends from school seeing me play Roblox. Please help if you know how? Also, could you make a guide on how to delete your account so no one sees that you ever played roblox? Thanks for reading…

Answer: It is probably impossible to permanently delete your data and characters from Roblox. This is because most of the older versions are kept around even though they may not be used anymore by anyone or removed by their owners. But there are ways to hide certain things from others temporarily that we will discuss below. However, before jumping into technical details about the methods of deleting your info and progress, let’s take a look at why you might want to do this.

Deleting information from the internet is sometimes possible but it requires removing all references of that information from the web. This applies to sites like Facebook where you can hide photos in album(s) or delete them permanently, or even Microsoft Office where you have an option to remove files by pressing “delete” button several times until it turns into a recycle bin icon before finally selecting “delete forever”. However, these methods will still leave traces behind on your computer so there are ways to find everything deleted back up if one really wanted too. In regards to Roblox, since users have access to personal data like IP address plus character names and game history, it’s best to remove any traces of it from others on the site and your computer.

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Clear Your Roblox History

Before we get into specifics about deleting user data, it’s important to understand how someone would be able to access that information. For one thing, there is a website called Roblox Web Services which anybody can use if they have a username and password associated with their account(s) or through an API link. This tool has various functions including retrieving a character’s specific in-game actions like “walking” or “dying”. Below is an example using Game_CharacterSelectionServiceTest routine which you can view right here on Pastebin. As you can see below.

How can you delete progress on Roblox?

This is a question you see everyday. Even though it’s answered by the developers time and time again. For example here, or here. I guess they just didn’t like seeing “how can you delete your progress on Roblox?” anymore, so they made everything unclickable to delete your account at all (sophisticated security measures). Somehow it keeps coming back, so I will put this out there one last time (and again), hopefully in an easy to read format: Roblox . .

Shouldn’t be judged by the developers, though. The game is well made and has a good community. I just feel like they’re more focused on making money rather than improving anything about there game. If you don’t want to pay, then you will always be behind people who do pay. There are also many glitches, including some that give people free robux or T-shirts! There is no way of reporting these either because you need to have an account in order for the rbx (or t-shirt) creator to com . . .

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Roblox used to be fantastic but now its terrible every time i come back to this site after being gone awhile it doesnt work i keep getting kicked out and it takes forever for anything to load also i really dont like the new games section UI Please Roblox fix this site

Awesome game! It has so much potential, but there are some things that need improvement. First off, popular games get ruined by hackers and scripters. They constantly ruin great games with their scripts that allow bots to do whatever they want in the game. This ruins some of the best games on roblox, such as Old Gens and Jailbreak. Also, there should be a way to report these people and have them banned from changing their name or getting new accounts . .

Roblox has gotten worse and worse over the years. The game is filled with scams, hackers, scripters, spammers and people who steal other peoples work. I would love to continue playing roblox but it’s become practically impossible because of all these things. It’s not just a one-time thing anymore either; this has been going on for almost two years now. Roblox was good back then but now it isn’t worth playing at all.. . .

This site used to be fun until kids started abusing different glitches in the games that allow them to teleport outside of the map or move without motion controls and new updates are always failing, also they keep putting more ads in instead of fixing the common glitches and bugs in the games. This game is also filled with cheaters who use scripts to teleport everywhere, there is no way to report this so I can’t see a reason that roblox doesn’t do anything about it.

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The Roblox community used to be a pleasant place to play many different types of games yet, now its just filled with jerks spammers/hackers and stuff like that which makes people leave the site or not join it because you have to pay for more fun on there. They need some sort of improvement regarding their community or what they call anti-cheat system which does nothing but increase innocent players levels! People are starting to leave this site for better sites and if roblox continues.


What happens if you clear your data on Roblox?

If you uninstall Roblox from your mobile or tablet device, your account will still exist but it will be logged out. You’ll just have to remember your email address and password.

How do you reset on Roblox?

A pop-up window will appear, asking you to confirm the action. Click Reset and your avatar will reappear at a spawn point.

Can you delete Robux?

Roblox does not have an automated way for you to delete your account. You will need to contact Roblox customer service by using the company’s online support form in a web browser and ask them to delete your account.