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How do you delete messages on MSP 2019?

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  1. To delete a conversation, expand the conversations by clicking on the Expand all link or by clicking the > button on a row that you wish to expand. Locate and click Delete in the popup window. Click OK in the confirmation pop-up to delete that thread/conversation.

How to delete a message on msp

MQM includes scheduled archiving but not automatic delete of older messages.

The [Mailbox Cleanup Agent] is responsible for deleting old mailbox items. By default the agent runs daily at 1:00 AM on all Mailbox servers in your organization. You can force the cleanup job to run immediately with this command: Start-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -Identity DAGName -MailboxCleanup $true . The Job name is “AutoDagMailboxCleanup” and by running Get-Job you can see that the last run time was 9/13/2018 1:01AM (23 hours ago) on Exchange Server 2016 (which means it’s due today

The new method to delete messages in MSP 2016/2019 is to use the “Purge File System” task. The old method using the “PurgeStoreMessage” stored procedure has been deprecated and support will be removed from future versions of MQM.

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It requires a message in the Recoverable Items folder so that meant running something like this (which will delete all messages older than 14 days):

Start-PurgeProcess -Identity <email address> -Force

By using the Purge File System task you can specify a message. This is useful if you want to delete specific messages or move them into a folder (i.e. Archive). It also deletes all versions of the message, including ones that might exist in Recoverable Items\Deletions and Recoverable Items\Versions. So make sure to run this command from an Exchange Administrator account with mailbox access permissions for “Mailbox Deletion” and “Move to Folder”. You will be prompted for both Administrator credentials as well as the Identity parameter value. Again, this is due to how it works: all versions are purged, not just non-corrupt versions.

By default the value for the Identity parameter is set to:

The identity of the system mailbox “SystemMailbox{1f05a927-8da7-4a2f-8c10-ddce1278fb14}” on a Mailbox server in your Exchange organization. This mailbox can be used for storing administrative data that cannot be stored in user mailboxes, such as preserving deleted items. You also must specify this name when you work with accounts that use legacy managed accounts.

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You will find it under System Mailbox\Purge in Recipient Configuration >> Organizations and then just delete it if you do not need the old Purge settings.

On my lab servers I ran these commands to remove the Purge settings and then switched to my mailbox (as a user with “Mailbox Deletion” permissions) and ran Start-PurgeProcess -Identity <my email address> -Force which completed successfully.


How do I mass delete messages?

Open the Messages app.
Select a chat thread.
Tap on any messages you want to delete and tap the trash can icon at the top of the screen.

How do I delete messages in settings?

You can save your message to a different conversation. To do so, tap the group message at which you want to start in Messages. Next, open Settings > Storage > Delete old messages. Here you can limit the number of messages that a group chat will store and automatically delete older ones when they reach set number (see screenshot).

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How do I delete all messages on messenger on both sides?

How to delete Facebook messages from both sides
1. To remove a message entirely, tap and hold the text. Then click “remove.” A confirmation box will come up with two options: “Remove for Everyone” or “Keep Message.” If the user chooses to keep the message, they can only read it but cannot remove it from their own account. Clicking on the blue button that says Keep Message means you have kept your messages without deleting them completely.

Where do messages go when you delete them?

When you move messages or delete them, the data does not actually go away. You are just telling your phone to point at files in a different way by moving the message into different folders or deleting it altogether.

Will Blocking someone on Facebook delete messages?

No. Blocking someone will not delete the conversation thread from your side and you’ll be able to read old conversations until you choose to manually delete them.