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How do you delete Kids profile on messenger?

Best Answer:
  1. To delete a Facebook account.
  2. Log in to the account on a computer and then go to your News Feed.
  3. From there you can find Messenger Kids at the section on the left side.
  4. Once it is open.
  5. Click what account you would like deleted from the menu under Accounts You Manage.
  6. Finally.
  7. Press Control Panel once it loads up to select Menu and Privacy Settings for that account.”

I have a daughter and whenever she is on my phone she creates a separate account by the name of her friends so that I can’t find her when I look up the contact list. When I ask her to delete it, she refuses to do so. Please help me out with my problem. Kindly solve asap. Thank you so much in advance!

Please help me out with this problem. Can you please suggest to me as to how can I delete Kids profile on messenger? As soon as Messenger is open, there is automatically a “Kids” icon appears on the home screen even though it isn’t made obvious and if we click on Kids icon then a two-stage registration process starts which goes ahead after giving all details.

This is how Facebook lures kids to use their messenger and this is certainly not good for parents. I want Messenger Kids deleted completely from my phone so that we don’t get into any trouble in future. Your suggestion would be a great help!

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1: Open up Settings .

2: Scroll down and tap on ” Apps “.

3: Next, tap on the ” Messenger Kids ” app .

4: Tap again on ” App permissions “.

5: Here you’ll see all details of the apps permission and will find Kids under it. Simply tap the button next to ‘Kids’ icon which appear red-coloured in colour with a cross mark inside it. Once done then your contact list will be cleared.

4: Once done, it’ll ask if want to remove the application’s data. Tap OK as we don’t require any of that information while uninstalling and that will wipe out our daughter’s contact list too! And voila, there were no traces left behind! 🙂 Hope this.

This is a highly asked question. As parents we know kids can do anything on messenger and there is no control over it or how long they are spending time on it. Messenger app by default don’t have any way to track the activity of the Kids profile. It just deletes itself after reaching the age limit set up; but that’s not enough for us, as a parent we want much more control over our kids account than this and would like to delete their facebook as well.

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Setting an age limits to your kids Facebook account is not enough here, you will still see them active in messenger app if you try to access their account via web interface at https://www.facebook.com/<id>. That’s why I am writing this post to guide you through the process of deleting kids profile from messenger app.

The Facebook API is simple and there is no other way than using a python script, which I have created for our purpose. You can download it here.

Since message is encrypted, we can’t access it directly to delete the profile and the only way to do that is via mobile application. So our solution is a simple python script which intercepts all incoming messages from any unknown device or number and when found them as coming from messenger app, then sends a request to Facebook servers to delete the account (via web interface) and finally deletes itself. This will work on jailbroken iPhones if you are using iFunbox and Cydia tweaks for your device. However many people don’t have an idea about how to use these applications so I am providing complete set of instructions below; so follow them carefully if you face any problems in deleting child’s profile from facebook messenger.

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How do I delete my child account?

Remove your child’s account from Android or Chromebook they’re signed in to.
On your device, open Google Family Link .
Select the name of the child you want to remove their account for.
Select Manage settings Account Info .
Follow instructions from there and finish deleting their account

How do I change my child account to normal?

Hooray! You’re ready to edit your child’s Personal Account Information on Family Link. On the “Settings” card, tap Manage settings. Account info .
In the top right, tap Edit .
On the next screen, make changes to your child’s account as follows:
-Under First name , pick a first and last name that is appropriate for their age and enter it in the box (with no spaces)
-Add phone numbers where they can be reached during school hours
-Enter birthday information.
This is also where you would see supplemental parental consent such as tax regulations or religion information if necessary

How do I permanently delete my Messenger account 2020?

From the Chats tab, click “delete your account and information” under Facebook Information.
Tap deactivate. Enter your password to confirm deletion of account.