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How do you delete a text Me account?

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  1. To delete your account, please tap on Account & Settings from the left menu. Tap on My Account and then select Delete my TextMe Account from the settings bar at the top of the screen.

How to Delete Account in TextMe app

TextMe, Inc. is the developer of Textme application . The Textme application is available on Apple iTunes store for both iPhone and iPad devices. TextMe enables users to send SMS using a WiFi network or 3G data connection via Textme servers. Text me stores all your chats on your phone but it doesn’t permanently delete them from their cloud server until you request them to be deleted. You can delete your account using following steps :

Step 1: Open the Textme application by navigating through “Settings”->”Accounts”, then tap on “Delete Account”“. (Please note that it will take few days for the deletion process)

Step 2: Textme will ask you to please provide TextMe with your Phone Number, Password and Textmesters.com Username(If you have created on Textme website). Type in the requested info for all fields then tap “”Next””. This would delete your account from Textme server.

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Step 3: If you are sure about the deletion process hit “Delete Account Now.” That’s it! Your TextMe username will be instantly deleted permanently from Textme servers.

The Text Me app is not available directly through Google Play Store Android Market at this time but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible to download and install Text Me app on your Android device. The Text Me application is a free app that users can download from Apple iTunes store for both iPhone and iPad devices however Text Me also offers paid subscription services including TextMe Plus which cost $2.99 per month and TextMe Pro costing customers $9.99 per month.

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Textme uses Google App engine to store and to process the text messages transmitted via their servers in order to save them as evidence on request of their customers, it seems that Textme stores all your chats on their cloud server even though you have deleted them in your phone storage plus Textme allows users to send unlimited text messages(SMS) using WiFi connection or 3G data connection by simply making an account with Textme service provider.


How do you delete a TextFree account?

To close your account:Go to ‘Settings’Select the option for ‘Support’ on Android and iOS devicesTap ‘Close Account’Select a reason from the list of options.Touch red button at bottom labeled, ‘Close’.
Upon confirming, text messages will stop arriving in their inbox.

How do I unsubscribe from TextNow?
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Open the main menu of TextNow, tap on Premium at the top of the menu, and then tap on Manage Subscription.
Tap Cancel App Subscription to stop future charges from your account
Launch the Google Play Store app
Tap Menu > Account > Subscriptions and tap TextNow.
At the bottom of the screen there should be an option to Cancel Subscription

Can police track a texting app?

These apps assign random phone numbers to calls and text messages, so the recipient is unable to identify the caller.

How do I delete my number from TextNow?

If you want to delete a contact, select the conversation with that person and hit ‘Edit’. Scroll all the way to the bottom of that page and click ‘Delete Contact’.

What does HMU more mean?

Use this internet shorthand if you would like someone to contact you.