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How do you delete a PUBG mobile character?

Best Answer:
  1. To delete a PUBG mobile character, find the text, “Delete Account”. It is at the bottom of your screen on either side of what looks like an inconspicuous advertisement.

How to change Character in PUBG mobile

Changing your character in PUBGM is simple! Players can switch their current character for another by going into the character menu by tapping on the white shopping cart icon on the left side of the main lobby screen.Once there, players can scroll through their PUBG mobile characters and select the one they want to use.

Follow the below steps to delete PUBG character

Step 1: Go PUBG mobile -> My Account/Game Info (if you are using PUBG Mobile 0.9.1, refer this guide )

Step 2: Tap on the PUBG name and Enter your phone number.(in case if you forgot your PUBGM account password)

Step 3: After entering your PUBGM mobile number, tap on the “OK” button to proceed further OR type in a new PUBG username if you want to make a Profile change or create a new profile.

  How do you delete a PUBG mobile character?

Step 4: Now tap on the More option by tapping three vertical dots located at top-right corner of screen. and Click on PUBG profile.

Step 5: Once you are in PUBG profile, tap on Delete PUBG mobile account .

Step 6: You will be asked to enter your PUBG account password or phone number to proceed further. After entering the PUBGM account password or number, click on OK and it’ll take you to another screen where you can click on Delete PUBG Account option that is located at top-right corner of screen. (See step 4 screenshot for reference)

That’s it! PUBG mobile is now deleted from your PUBGM account and you can create new PUBGM character by going through the above steps.

If you are facing some PUBGM profile related errors, take a look at our PUBG Mobile 0.9.1 Profile Problem Guide . Your PUBGM profile problem solution may not be available here, but surely we have listed all of them for you in one place. You may find your exact issue from there and get a perfect solution for PUBGM profile error(s). Note: Your PUBG mobile username (PUBG name) will be automatically added to the Referral Program , so don’t ever try to change that if you want an easy PUBGM promo code. If PUBG mobile asked you to update PUBGM then read this guide . You will learn how to download PUBG Mobile 0.9.1 here and game/app review of PUBGM 0.9.1 and PUBGM 0.9.0 .

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How do I reset my PUBG account?

Go to SETTINGS > GENERAL > iPhone Storage and then scroll down until you see PUBG. Tap on it, and select the RESET APP option. A pop-up box will appear, asking if you want to delete all game data and leave your account as a Guest with no progress saved or continue playing this round only (the default selection is choose). Make your decision now.

How do I unlink my Apple ID from PUBG?
  How do I unlink my PUBG mobile account from Game Center?

PUBG Mobile characters can be deleted by going to the app settings, scrolling down and finding Game Center.

Can you get unbanned from PUBG?

However, if they have banned your account and you feel you are “clean”, contact the PUBG authorities for help unbanning it.

How do I permanently delete my PUBG account?

Open PUBG Mobile App on your device.
Log in to your account.
Search for “settings” under the settings icon and press enter.
Scroll down through the different settings until you find “delete account” and click here.
Do not log into this specific account which you want to delete for seven days before actually deleting it in order to avoid more issues with logging back in again later on.

How do I unlink a PUBG email?

1) Open Google Play games.
2) Tap on the library section and find Pubg Mobile.
3) Click on 3 dots right corner of the option and tap settings.
4) In options, click on “Report Incorrect Translation.”

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