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How do you delete a PlayStation 3 account?

Best Answer:
  1. To delete a user account.
  2. Navigate to the Control Panel.
  3. By clicking on its icon in the taskbar.
  4. In the Control panel window.
  5. Select User Accounts under Pick a Category.
  6. Double-click Window For clarity:
  7. To delete an account from Windows start menu’s control panel window.
  8. go to > User accounts and click Add/remove windows features. Then tick “User Account” and press remove button next to it.

This article tells you how to delete a PlayStation 3 account. Before proceeding, make sure you can use your PS3 again by performing System Update or reinstalling the system software. If you cannot use it, see Troubleshooting: My PS3 is not working .

1. Go to [PlayStation Network] → [Account Management] → [Account Information] → [Delete User Account].

2. “User Name” is the user name for your PlayStation Network account, which can be found in [Sign In ID] (E-mail address). When creating a PSN account, make sure to use a Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account name that has not been used on any other SEN accounts.* Also note, you cannot change the user name after creation. *This is only available for SCE companies as of 3rd December 2009. If this does not work, see step 5 instead.

3. Select the reason why you are deleting your PlayStation Network account and enter your password when prompted. You can choose from the following options:

My family or children might use this PlayStation Network account without my permission. Remove it instead. (This option is available only in countries where the “PlayStation Store” is available.)

I forgot my password and cannot sign in to PlayStation Network service using that information. Delete this PlayStation Network account so other users can create a new one with the same ID and make purchases from the PlayStation Store again, even if they use your credit card information for payment. If you are not logged into your SEN account and need assistance creating an online ID, please contact us here

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4. Read the displayed message regarding deletion of personal data on PS3™ system and select [OK] to proceed.

5. If you cannot use a SEN account, select [Yes, delete my PSN account] to proceed and tap the button displayed on the next screen.

6. Select [OK] at the confirmation message screen and you will be logged out of PlayStation Network service. After that, your PlayStation Network account will be deleted from the system and information registered to it (including usage history) will be deleted once your log out time elapses. Logging in with this user ID again will generate a new account for purchase transactions. Security check is performed during each login to prevent other users from exploiting your payment info when making purchases on PS Store if they use this user ID . How do I access my order or download?.

Sign in to your account. If you have renewed or downloaded an item within 24 hours, it will be displayed on your [Download List]. If there is no download info even after signing in , please see Troubleshooting: Some of my downloads are not working .

If you delete a PlayStation Network account with a SEN account, it cannot be used again even if the same user ID is created again. However, if the user ID was deleted by another SEN account that was created within 90 days and both accounts were not used at the same time, then it can be recreated using the “Re-create Account” option under [Account Management] → [Account Information] → [Delete User Account]. In this case, you can use the same ID and password as before. However, in this situation your old order history will be erased automatically.

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You cannot delete a temporary user account (account marked with “Valid Until” under [Account Management] → [Account Information]). If you want to close your Sony Entertainment Network account that is not used by a PlayStation device or another SEN account, go to the following link: https://secure.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/#/web/guest/close_account . The process varies depending on your country/region, so please follow the instructions carefully.

The process varies depending on your country/region, so please follow the instructions carefully. (Users in Japan) Go to [Settings] > [PlayStation™Network] → [Account Management]. The ID and icon of the last used SEN account will be displayed (the one you are logged into). Select it and press the button displayed on the screen. After that, select [Close Account] from the options available on the next screen and tap OK when prompted to confirm your choice. If you have PlayStation Plus membership or any paid services, log out from it after signing out from your PSN account.

Sign in to PlayStation™Network. Select [PlayStation Plus] from the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. Tap [Account Information]. If your account is not connected to PlayStation Plus membership or any paid services, a “Connect” button will appear (If “Your Subscription” is displayed next to the button, that means you are already logged in as an administrator and you do not need to proceed). Logout from PlayStation Plus membership or any paid services after signing out from your PSN account . In some cases it might be possible that no icon is displayed on your device screen (Windows: press Ctrl + Alt + Del / Mac OSX: Command + option + esc). In that case, sign out from your PSN account on the device in [Settings] → [PlayStation™Network] → [Account Management].

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Sign in to PlayStation Network. Select [PlayStation Plus] from the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. Tap [Account Information]. On the main menu, select (double-tap/press button rapidly) Account Status for 5 seconds and tap OK. Logout from PlayStation Plus membership or any paid services after signing out from your PSN account .


Can you still make a PS3 account?

To sign up for a PSN account, go to the PlayStation Network from the menu screen. Select Sign Up > Create New Account (New Users) and continue with country/region of residence, language, date of birth and finalize registration. This is what other online users will see when you’re playing with them in games like GTA 5 or Madden NFL 18.

Is PlayStation 3 network still free?

Yes, PSN is still up and running on all supported platforms. Although, the free PS+ games for PlayStation 3 have stopped. I think it was in 2014 when they started charging their customers.

Can I make a PlayStation account online?

Chat with other gamers. Navigate online to create a PlayStation Network account so you can connect with others who love gaming.

How do you create a PlayStation Network account on PS4?

To create a new account, follow these steps:
1) Go to Account Management and select Create New Account.
2) Enter your details and preferences and select Next on each screen.
3) Verify your email address by following the instructions in the verification message sent to that email account upon completion of this process.

Can you use ps4 account on PS3?

You can use BitTorrent on the Ps Vita, PSP, and PC. And it can even be used on some TVs.