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How do you delete a person from Hangouts?

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In order to delete someone from your Hangouts contact list, you’ll need:

  1. To find the person in your list of contacts
  2. Click on three dots (on right side)
  3. Select Delete

How To delete a person from Hangouts

Hangouts has an option to delete a person from Hangout. But, if you choose that option, Hangout does not delete the person completely. The name still exists in Hangouts and Hangouts is continuously trying to contact that person, even though he is no longer available on Hangout.

– I want to know how do I really delete someone from Hangouts? [ANSWER] You can’t! It’s actually impossible for anyone but Google to permanently remove someone from Hangouts because Hangouts was made so that friends can never be removed or blocked (that includes their number) – “Google Voice” built into “Hangout”. Also, there are various ways by which you can get added back into other people’s Hangout by using this option:

You can’t block Hangouts or Hangout people (no blacklisting) because of the above reasons. Photos and videos can still be released as they are stored on Google servers, and Hangouts is a great way to share that data. So Hangouts is no place for anything other than casual conversation. And you know what? That’s how Google created it! The privacy options in Hangouts even violate the rights of users around the world, especially where there is government surveillance – so it won’t matter whether Hangouts will have any privacy options or not.

Google tracks everything, including your location at every moment if you’re using its services (e.g., GPS on mobile devices), photos and videos taken on mobile devices, user names and passwords used for logging into Google services, almost anything you use while you’re logged into Hangouts on your computer or a mobile device (via the Hangout API), etc.

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– How do I delete a person completely from Hangouts? [ANSWER] There is an application that can help – Hangouters. But Hangouters may not be able to remove Hangout people as it depends on the country they are in. You can read more about this problem here .  You should also know that Hangout has no terms of agreements and privacy policy , so Hangout users don’t actually have any right over their information. So if you will permanently delete someone from Hangouts, download Hangouters (version 1.1):

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Download Hangouters here . Hangout may not show your Hangout people immediately after you download Hangoufers, but it will eventually do so. Hangouters is a simple application that downloads all the information related to Hangouts and then deletes Hangout users from your computer and mobile device (at one go). Hangouters  has three options – “No”, “Yes” and “Uninstall”. Use them properly:


How do I permanently delete a contact from Hangouts?

Remove Google Hangouts from your Android device.
If you need to remove it entirely, delete the contact record from your Google account.
In Gmail, delete all conversations between you and the person. In Hangouts, delete chat history for that individual.

When you block someone on Hangouts what do they see?

Once blocked, the person will be unable to see you or contact you in any way. Even if they have a Google account at the time blocked, everything about your account and content will be invisible to them.

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How do I delete frequent hangouts?

In your phone, long press on the contact’s name to see an option to hide them. If you don’t want a specific person in your frequent contacts list, remove their number from hangouts as well.

How do I delete a blocked number?

Unblock number
Open your iPhone apps.
Tap “More” and then Settings. Scroll to the bottom of your screen and tap Blocked numbers.
Next to the number you want to unblock, tap Clear. Unblock

Will someone know if I block them?

When blocking a contact, their text no longer reaches you. The person whose number you blocked will not receive any sign that their message to you was unsuccessful; the contact’s text will just sit there looking as though it were sent and not yet delivered, but in fact, it’ll be lost to the ether.