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How do you delete a group chat on WhatsApp without exiting it?

Best Answer:
  1. Tap on the options key in the top right corner of the screen to reveal additional options.
  2. Select More from the drop-down menu.

How to clear chat in a WhatsApp group in a few seconds


Does clearing a WhatsApp group chat clear it for everyone?

You must delete all of your WhatsApp chats from your phone. The communications on the receiver’s phone will not be influenced in any way. To send a message for everyone, press the delete icon and choose to Remove for Everyone.

How do you delete a group chat on WhatsApp?
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Tap and hold the group chats you wish to remove in the Chats tab. nap More options to access additional settings. exit the group by tapping Delete DELETE.

How do you permanently delete a WhatsApp group for everyone?

Send once again the TO: address and subject of your previous message. If you’re already on WhatsApp, within it go to the Chats screen and swipe on the group (or tap if you’re on Android) for deletion. Select Delete Group from the drop-down menu.

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What is the time limit to delete WhatsApp messages?

The official website claims that the time limit for deleting WhatsApp messages has been increased to one hour, allowing you to rectify errors by sending a message to the wrong chat or group. It may also be useful if you inadvertently send a message to the incorrect user.

What happens when I delete a group chat?
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When you remove a group, neither your chats list nor your phone’s chat history will contain it. Participants in other conversations will still see the group on their lists. Nobody will be able to send communications, though.