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How do you change your name on Avakin life?

Best Answer:
  1. How to change your name in Avakin Life
  2. To alter the display name shown on the screen.
  3. Find your account’s username.
  4. Then replace it with another display name.
  5. On this menu you can also set certain character traits.
  6. Refer to our Help Center for details on how to do so!

There are various ways you can change your name as long as you have a verified facebook account. The steps will be the same all you need to do is fill up form and verify your email. Avakin life has made it easy by allowing you to change your name using Facebook credentials, though this feature is not available for everyone; that’s because they want people with original names on their platform as seen in details below:

But if I am from say Philippines then I can rename myself with whatever name I like? Or else just anyone cannot use this option, so how does it work? Well, it works based on where you live/registered on the game and what’s your nationality which means all members coming from Canada should change their name with usernames from Canada, same goes for you living in Philippines or somewhere else.

How do I change my profile on Avakin Life?

To change your in game profile you can use the following steps. First click on Avakin Life to access the main screen, then select “More”After that, choose “Edit Profile”, this will take you to another page where you can make any necessary changes.

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How do I delete my account?

Avakin has a feature for anyone wishing to permanently erase their character from the game. To do so follow these steps: Click on Avakin Life and it will open up the main menu of the game Scroll down until you see “Support” Select support and go into settings Click on manage accounts Choose Delete Account Now once again click on manage accounts and choose deactivate account Once activated or deleted , an email with confirmation of the action will be sent. Deactivated accounts could take up to 24 hours to delete.


Can you get married in Avakin Life?
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How do you get married in Life? Because the partners menu has been removed. There is a way, but make sure to go through these steps before you set up your marriage: favorite this person (click on them through friends list and click the heart next to their username); buy Herrington Hall Wedding Venue; then have a wedding.

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What age is Avakin Life for?

As a parent of a teen, you will need to make sure he or she is over 13 years old in order to play Avakin Life. This player verification includes verifying their age through your PayPal account as well as deleting any players who are found to be underage.

Refining for clarity: As the parent of a teenager, you should check all of the information related to his or her player verification including making sure that they are at least 13 and if this is not clear ask them about it too so that no one under 18 plays without permission.

Is Avakin Life real people?

Avakin Life is a 3D world where you can meet with other players and interact. The social interactions are not artificial.