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How do I sign out of Mail on Macbook Air?

Best Answer:
  1. Open System Preferences. Click on Internet Accounts from the row of icons at the top. Choose a previously set account and uncheck the box beneath it to remove it from your list of accounts.

How to Sign Off Mail on Mac

– Mail on Macbook Air : Mail is an Apple application that enables you to send and receive email on your Mac.

If you need to sign out of Mail, follow these steps:

1. On the Mail menu bar, click Mail > Preferences (or Mail > Preferences in a new window). The Mail preference pane appears. In the Accounts pane, click your account name.

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  2. In the Mailbox Behaviors pane, click Sign Out (in bottom-left corner). Mac Mail logs out of your account.

3. Close Mail preferences: To close Mail preferences, on the Mail menu bar, click Mail > Preferences > Don’t Show Mail Preference Pane at Launch . Mail does not appear in the Dock when you next start your computer. You can still open Mail using Launchpad , or by double-clicking its icon in one of these locations: On your hard disk : /Applications/Mail.app On your startup drive : Startup Disk/System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras/Mail .

− Mailbox Behaviors : You can click the Mailbox Behaviors button at any time. Mail’s behavior will change accordingly.   When you select Mailbox Behaviors , Mail begins managing your mail in a different way than it had been doing before. It doesn’t delete messages from the server unless you tell it to — and each message is stored only once on your hard disk, even if multiple accounts reference it (such as when threading).   In general, Mail keeps an item around until something tells Mail to remove or move it

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Can you sign out of mail?

In order to sign out of the Gmail app, you must remove your account from the device. However, there are a number of other things you can do on other devices without signing out.

How do I logout of Gmail on my macbook air?

If you’re using a web browser, look for the link to log out in your webmail (in Gmail it’s just one click away from the account menu).

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How do I logout of my email on my laptop?

To log out from the Mail app on Windows 10, follow these steps:
Open the Mail app and select Settings.
Navigate to Manage Accounts and find your email account.
Press Sign Out.