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How do I restore my tinder?

Best Answer:

Tap the “Profile” icon on the home screen.

Go to “Settings,” then scroll down and select “Restore Purchases.”

Steps to Reset Tinder Matches and Account:


What happens if I delete my Tinder Gold account?

Tinder temporarily suspends your account when you delete the app. However, any matches or messages stored on the service will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered once your account is reinstated.

Can you get old tinder conversations back?

There’s a way to recover your lost data. If you want to continue messaging with your previous Tinder matches, you can log in through the Unfortunately, many users with missing chats on Tinder are not able to access their previous conversations and match history. Users who want to keep talking to their matches should log into tinder.com from a desktop computer or other web browser– the site will show all of your previous matches and chat history if you website – tinder.com will have all of your chat and match history saved too.

Can you get old tinder conversations back?
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If you’ve experienced a lost data event, don’t lose hope. We have a way for tinder users who want to keep talking to their previous matches!
To access the “lost” information, visit tinder.com and sign in as usual – all your active chats will be available right from the get-go!

I restore my tinder?
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