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How do I reset my Fitbit Alta for a new user?

Best Answer:
  1. Connect the tracker’s charging cable by squeezing both clamps and affixing it to the back of the unit. Clamp the charger onto the back of your Alta. Fitbit.
  2. Plug the charger into a USB port.
  3. Press the button on the USB connector three times in fewer than eight seconds. Pause for about a second between each press.


How do I reset my Fitbit Alta to factory settings?
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With the Fitbit Alta, there is no factory reset option. Instead, your data will be automatically erased when it’s paired with a new account. Alternatively, you can erase your tracking data by removing the device from your account.

Can you reset a Fitbit for a new user?

To delete the Fitbit app from your iPhone or Android phone, select the icon of a trash can in iOS or scroll to the bottom of your screen and press ‘Remove’. In the Fitbit web interface you can remove devices by going to Settings > About > Factory Reset > Clear User Data.

How do I transfer my Fitbit to another person?
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To remove a Fitbit device from your profile, launch the app and tap on “Today”. Tap on your profile picture, then find the image of the device you want to remove and scroll down.