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How do I reset my AWS account?

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  1. I want to delete all of my AWS account settings.
  2. Is it possible for me to just get my account back to the default settings?

I keep my AWS accounts far more lean and mean than I do for my personal passwords. No emails, no phone numbers, just an account number. The day this post is published, August 2nd 2017, there will be over 2500 expired AWS tokens in the Slack channel alone. And that’s a channel dedicated to account security specifcally for people on IRC networks. You’ve got to figure it’s happening all across the internet everyday with companies like Slack having their own security org channels because they get attacked nearly every day by hackers attempting to log into their accounts since they don’t use MFA or any form of multi-factor authentication which would solve this problem instantly..

The real answer here is multi factor auth (MFA). You are crazy if you don’t have MFA enabled in your AWS account. So let’s get started.

Go to https://aws.amazon.com/security/faqs/ and verify that it still works after the recent S3 outage and whether or not they’ve properly addressed the flaw I reported back in early 2016 which would let people hijack other users’ accounts remotely without needing their secret key, just needing a valid access key to create new creds for whoever you wanted to take over via Cloudfront signed URL spoofing attack .. no? ok then.. moving on..

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Take note of your default phone number (the one on the far left) as you may need it shortly after clicking enable. You can always change it later if you’d rather register your phone instead or use Gmail Authenticator. But for now just type in this quick code : 21495730# and hit continue. You should get a text message that says “Authentication Code”. Put that into the input field, then click on next step until you’re at this screen where you set up MFA for all access keys and users.. The trick here is to select everyone for everything except root itself. Sure you can let it send root account codes but you also want to prevent attackers from being able to take over your AWS account, right? Don’t worry you’ll still be able to login normally either way and this is just extra security measures.

If you’re logged into a Web Browser as a non-root user at this point (or if there are other people who log in as root or have access keys already associated with their browser sessions) then they will probably get prompted by Amazon to change their code therefore making MFA mandatory for everyone who logs in via any browser session.. This is why I disabled the “Enable Multi-Factor Authentication” checkbox for root account at first so that I could login as with my own user and get a code sent to my phone without being interrupted by the MFA freeze prompt.

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This will be fun if you have a lot of users on your AWS account already who are used to just adding their access key and using it like 1234abcd.. Which brings me to the next step.

If they’re not currently logged into an SSH session then you won’t need them anymore anyways since they’ll all be forced to use MFA now, right? You should not have any existing access key that doesn’t expire within days at best if you chose the recommended settings in the previous screen.

Start by finding all of the users on your AWS account via this command… aws iam list-users –query “Users[].[Arn]” –output text Make sure to replace [ARN] with whatever user arn you’re trying to find and add | grep -v primary|grep -v “^$” so that you don’t get output looking like this:

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Can you reset your AWS account?

To remove the link between an AWS account and a VMware Cloud Director organization, you can reset your AWS account. If the AWS account is shared among VMware Cloud Director organizations, you cannot delete buckets and objects from Amazon S3.

How do I delete everything from my AWS account?

You must sign in to the AWS Management Console as a root user of your account.
To close your account, you will need to select all check boxes and then click Close Account.

How much does AWS SSO cost?

When setting up your AWS account, you will need to create IAM users with the proper permissions. The Amazon Web Services Security Token Service (AWS SSO) is available at no additional cost and reduces the complexity of repetitive setup and management by integrating seamlessly with other AWS services.

How do I find my AWS root user?

If you see the IAM sign-in page, choose “Sign in using root user email” near the bottom of the page. This returns you to the main sign-in page. From there, you can click “sign in as root” and enter your AWS account information.