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How do I remove myself from a team on HUDL?

Best Answer:
  1. Select the team and athletes on Hudl.com.
  2. Then click Manage Team and select Athletes.
  3. Select the athlete you’d want to remove from the team.
  4. You may remove more than one person at a time by checking several circles.
  5. Remove From Team can be found under Athletes -> On Hudl, go to Manage Team and select Athletes after logging in.
  6. Select an athlete to get rid of from your team.
  7. You may remove multiple persons by checking several circles at once.
  8. Remove From Team may be located near the bottom of the page under Athletes After removing someone,
  9. Click Remove to confirm their removal

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How do I remove myself from HUDL?
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If you’d like to leave your team, delete your Hudl account and remove all of your personal data from Hudl, please contact the administrator of your team.

How do I join another team on HUDL?

On Hudl.com, go to your name and select Add Another Team. Complete the form with the new team’s information and click Submit. Please allow us 24 hours to complete your request

How do you switch teams on HUDL?
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Open Wyscout and click on the profile icon. Click on Switch to another organization. choose the team you wish to join. Note that all previous material will stay linked to your old team. Your name will display an update once the switch is complete.

How can I get a free HUDL?

Fill in your team code and email address, then click Get Registered. Athletes will need to contact their coach for the team code.

Do you have to pay for HUDL?
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The cost of a Hudl and a Focus subscription will have to be paid for, but they’re both significantly reduced if purchased as part of an athletic department deal. There may be additional fees connected with the broadcast software or Livestream platform you choose;