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How do I remove my Spotify account from Sonos?

Best Answer:
  1. To delete your current Spotify account.
  2. From Sonos.
  3. Open the Sonos controller app.
  4. From the music menu.
  5. Select settings followed by My Services.
  6. Then choose the service you want to remove and select Remove Account on the resultant screen.

First, please confirm that there are no devices registered to your Spotify account. If you have any remaining Sonos products registered to a Spotify account and would like access to these again, then please see below on how to get back in touch with us.

Navigate to the settings menu by pressing the system button of your controller or app. Scroll down and select ‘Sonos Forums’. From this page you will be able to find a ‘Contact Us’ link which will allow you contact our support team directly if needed. You can also navigate directly from here: https://www.sonos.com/en-gb/support#contact

Please note: Registered Sonos players will not automatically remove themselves from your Spotify account once they have been removed from the Sonos app on your network. You will need to go through the additional step of removing them manually by logging into your Spotify account at https://www.spotify.com/my-account/devices/.

How do I get my Spotify player to show up in Sonos again?

If you have confirmed that your devices are no longer registered, try restarting the app and reconnecting them. If you still experience issues please contact us via the link provided above.

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Our Spotify player acts as a music service, and collects information about the tracks you are listening to including start and finish time, play count and more. This information is why we can provide track suggestions for you in our app. If you decide that you would like this feature to stop collecting data from your Spotify account please sign up again with the Sonos account that has been used on the device previously: https://www.spotify.com/gb/account/signup/.

If your Sonos is registered to your partner’s or friend’s Spotify account, then unfortunately they will not be able to remove it from their account as their access credentials will not be known. Please see above on how to contact our support team for further assistance.

How do I reset my password?

Our password recovery process involves an automated system to help ensure that no other person is able to see or recover it. If you cannot remember your password please contact us directly at https://www.sonos.com/en-gb/support#contact and we will be happy to assist further:

If you have any questions about the Sonos service in general, please start a new topic on our support forum here: https://forum.sonos.com/category/16-general, or email us for further assistance: https://www.sonos.com/en-gb/support#contact

Sonos offers you three passwords to be used when registering your Sonos system. This will ensure that nobody who is not you can access it even if they have your username and password:

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The first password is automatically generated and used as the “admin” login details for your device(s). These are accessible by everyone with administrative permissions on the network that has a Sonos product registered to it (and also via https://www.sonos.com/my-account/. You should never share this password with anyone else!

To remove Spotify from your Sonos Account, follow the steps below:

1. On your desktop go to sonos.com/account or go to the App Services page in the Sonos Controller app Select Spotify.

2. Next, select Unsubscribe under “Unsubscribe and remove accounts from other services” on the right side of the screen. Press Continue when prompted with instructions on how to unsubscribe successfully from Spotify . Once you receive a confirmation email that your subscription has been canceled, you can relaunch Music history and any previously played content will no longer appear. To stream music after unsubscribing from these streaming services:

a. Sign in to your Sonos account on a speaker by going to the App Services page in the controller app or through the web browser at sonos.com/account .

b. Select Spotify from the list of available services and relaunch Music history. Any previously played content will not appear until you have re-downloaded it from Spotify. You can manage all your streaming subscriptions under Account > Subscriptions . To change what services Sonos supports:

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a. Click Manage Subscriptions and select Add Service . Then choose a service from the menu, such as Apple Music or another subscription service you want to add. Next, enter your credentials for that service using your email address and password (if required).


How do I disconnect my Spotify account from Sonos?

To remove your Spotify account from Sonos, open the Sonos app and tap More at the bottom of the screen. Tap Settings > My Services, then select Spotify > Remove Account.

How do I change Spotify accounts on Sonos?

Open the Sonos music Menu.
Select Add Music Services.
Select The Music Service You Want To Add From The List.

How do I delete an app from Sonos?

Tap “Disconnect” to disconnect your SONOS from the speaker.

How do I delete a Sonos account?

From the Settings tab, tap “System” then open “system tools.” With this screen open, you can tap each incompatible product and remove it from your system. Follow the on-screen prompts to move through the steps of removing conflicting products that are preventing you from installing a new app on your phone.

Why does Sonos lost connection to Spotify?

Your ISP is having connectivity problems which cause speakers to disconnect from a Spotify server.