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How do I remove files from my iTunes library?

Best Answer:
  1. Delete the media type .
  2. Input Text: “To use this feature, select several files (you can do that from Finder or by dragging them into iTunes). Turn on View→Show Artwork to see what you’ve selected.”
  3. There is no need for “itunes” in brackets.


How do I delete files from my iTunes library?

Why can’t I delete a playlist on iTunes?

Why can’t I delete a playlist on iTunes?

The only way to remove a song from an individual playlist is by changing the rules. For playlists within folders, you have to be sure that the track is present in every list it’s nested within.

How do I rebuild my iTunes library?
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Step One: Check the following two fields are selected in iTunes Preferences > Advanced.
Step Two: Export your library.
Step Three: Delete the iTunes Database file – you’ll need to do this from another computer if you no longer have a backup of it.
Step Four: Import your exported database file and adjust location of music folders accordingly from Library -> Music Folder- or to display C:\Users\(yourusername)\Music\iTunes Media instead of Music being displayed as an option in Step 1, choose “Advanced”.
Step Five: Add your music back into iTunes by clicking on ‘Library’, then selecting all items and dragging them as desired into relevant sections e.g., podcasts under Podcasts, TV Episodes under

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How do I delete movies from my iTunes library on my computer?

In iTunes on your PC, select Movies or TV shows from the pop-up menu in the top left and then click Library. Select an item and press Delete. Click Delete [item].

How do I clear my iTunes library on Windows?
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Windows users, hold “Ctrl” and press the down arrow until all songs in the list are highlighted. Mac users hold “Command” and follow with a downward motion of your mouse pointer until all songs are highlighted. Pressing the delete key will remove each song from iTunes playlist one at a time.

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