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How do I remove boxbe from Outlook?

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The following rule is for the waiting list for Boxbe –

  1. If you have an email from that address in your inbox and it’s still there after a week, delete it.

How to remove boxbe from your outlook account

We recommend that you use boxbe on your computer or mobile phone to manage your boxbe account. It is easier and gives you a much better overview of all your boxbe folders, conversations and contacts. You can download boxbe at boxbe.com/download . If you prefer not to use boxbe, the instructions below will help you remove boxbe from Outlook (PC, Mac) manually:

1. Open Outlook’s ‘Tools’ menu and select ‘Account Settings’z

2. Select the account which contains boxbe ([email protected]).

3. Click on ‘More Settings’.

4. On the Account Settings window click on ‘Manage’, then go to More Settings.

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5. Select boxbe, then click ‘Remove’. If boxbe is removed successfully you will see a message box informing you of this.

If boxbe is not removed successfully, you can repeat the steps outlined above. Please be aware that boxbe cannot remove boxbe from Outlook on your behalf and no customer support will assist with removing boxbe from your account. boxbe only offers email solution to businesses and premium users ([email protected] accounts). If boxbe has been added to an [email protected] or a personal email address, we recommend you add boxbe manually using the instructions above.

You can always add boxbe back to your account at any time if necessary by repeating the steps outlined above. boxbe will then appear in the list of ‘Add an email address’ to your Outlook account automatically, so no additional configuration is required.

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In case boxbe is still showing in your Outlook settings after following the steps above, please email our support at boxbe.com/support .

You can find boxbe in your PC’s ‘Help’ menu if you’re using a Mac or an older version of Outlook. You can also find boxbe by searching for boxbe:[email protected] at outlook.com or by accessing boxbe through boxbe.com .


Why am I getting emails from boxbe?

When the Boxbe app is activated, activating various social media sites included in an account, unsolicited emails are sent from the account.

What is the boxbe waiting list?

The Boxbe Waiting List stores emails from senders you haven’t approved. These are displayed in your folder list, and can be viewed at anytime.

Is boxbe safe and legit?

Although Boxbe is a spam sender, their efforts have been fruitless. Numerous members of the anti-spam community are trying to persuade Boxbe and company to stop, but they continue inadvisable activities.

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How do I get rid of boxbe waiting list?

How to remove Boxbe Waiting List from Outlook
Boxbe has a waiting list of people who have requested a Boxbe account, but no one is taking them off the waitlist. This tutorial will walk you through how to get rid of that waiting list so it doesn’t interfere with your other mail.

How do I get boxbe?

Look for an app with the name Boxbe Waiting List.
1.In Outlook.com, click on your profile icon, and select View account.Next, click on Privacy or just follow this link -> https://account.microsoft.com/privacy/activity-… …Select Edit and Clear Apps and Services Activity to look for Boxbe in the list.

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