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How do I remove an account from Google Smart Lock?

Best Answer:
  1. To prevent this.
  2. You can disable the “Google Smart Lock” on your Android phone.Comment:
  3. To do so go to settings and then select “Manage Google Account” from there.
  4. Scroll down until you find a section called “Password” and tap on it.
  5. Inside of this section.
  6. Click on the icon in the lower-right area (it looks like two keys). In this menu, scroll down until you come across an option that says “Auto Sign In.
  7. ” This is now disabled by default but tapping on it will allow for login with saved credentials in other applications as well. Good luck!


How do I manage Google Smart Lock?
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Navigate to your device’s settings on the lock screen.
Navigate to Security and Location, then select “Smart Lock.”
Enter a six-digit pin, pattern or password as needed for security purposes.
Choose On -body detection if you have an active Bluetooth connection with your phone. If not, opt for either Trusted Face (must be in front of the phone) or Trouse Fingerprints (must scan finger), depending on what is needed for access.”

How do I turn off Smart Lock for Google Apps?
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Scroll down the settings of your phone until you see an option marked “Smart Lock for Passwords.” Toggle this to turn on or off each setting according to your preference.

How do I remove Smart Lock?

Head to your Device Settings, Security tab. On this page you will find Advanced settings. Choose Trusted Agents and tap Smart Lock (Google) to either Enable or Disable it depending on the current state of your Google account.

In order for the text to be improved, more clarification should have been given in regards to what was being adjusted on each setting screen so that a reader without knowledge of Apple’s interface can still understand the steps needed from here when following along with these instructions

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