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How do I permanently delete my textPlus account?

Best Answer:
  1. To cancel your account.
  2. Go to Nextplus Menu My Profile Info.
  3. Select the information you wish to remove.
  4. If you change your mind about this request.
  5. Simply return to your account within a few days after logging out.

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Can you permanently delete a TextNow account?

Is there any way to eliminate your account? TextNow claims that for legal reasons they are unable to delete your account. It is recommended that you modify or erase all of your personal information, particularly your email address, in order to render your data useless to them.

How do I permanently delete my TextFree account?
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Go to the Settings page for the Pinger app and choose ‘Support.’ nSelect a reason why you want to close your account. tap the red ‘Close Account’ button to finalize your account’s closure. select a reason for wanting to close your account from the drop-down menu. Tap ‘Close Account’ once again to finish

Will my account be deleted if I delete the app?
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Yes, removing the program from your device removes the item, but it doesn’t delete any accounts that may be linked to it. Despite how harmless the software might be, these accounts—no matter how innocent—contain private data that you gave to the developer.

How do you delete a TextNow account?

Open the Google Play Store app. select Menu > Account > Subscriptions, then TextNow. Tap Cancel Subscription at the bottom of the screen if present.

How do I delete text-free?
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Start by opening the TextFree app and signing in to your account. In the top menu, select “Recents.” Examine the list of messages you’ve received. Tap on a message to view it on the screen. to remove the message, tap “Clear,” then “Clear Conversation.”