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How do I permanently delete my Evernote account?

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You can deactivate your account by accessing your account settings at the top right of any page and scrolling down to find “Deactive account.

Evernote is different than most other companies with respect to its customer relationship. Evernote has an unusual approach to privacy and data control that you should be aware of before registering for an account:

The company has publicly stated that it does not intend to change the way it collects, retains and uses your information. Unlike many other web services, Evernote cannot promise that it will delete your information if you ask us to do so, nor can we guarantee that an acquirer of Evernote will treat your information in a manner consistent with this Privacy Policy.

What does this mean for you? It means if you don’t want to have a copy of your personal information possibly floating around in their database, deleting the contents or shutting down a particular account doesn’t mean Evernote won’t still be able to find it. If you decide to take any action other than removal on your own, you should know that Evernote may continue to retain and use copies of your data for purposes of fraud detection and prevention and risk evaluation and scoring. In order words, even if someone deletes all their notes from an account they will continue seeing ads based on what’s inside those said notes.

I could go into further detail about how exactly Evernote plans on using your gathered information but I’d rather not help them in any way. Below is a link to their privacy policy if you would like more information:

If you’re still reading this at least, let me give you some advice on what I’ve learned from the Privacy Policy and my experience with Evernote (note that I have not read every single word of the privacy policy). Whatever notes you are storing in Evernote, be it personal or business related, be aware that your data could end up anywhere due to an acquisition they might make in the future – and I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want all of their “stuffs” deleted immediately after such an acquisition.

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The bottomline is that you should be prepared to have your data located and used in ways you might not be aware of or approve of at any moment after signing up for an Evernote account. If this is something that does not settle well with you, I’d encourage you to find another service – one that will better respect your privacy.

Evernote has many users worldwide. They are a popular service and everyone is happy using it, as their main focus is on privacy & security. However, there are some cases when you need to delete your account permanently. And this article will help you do that with ease!

In general, deleting Evernote account is pretty straightforward: go to the login page, enter your email address and password then click [Logout]. Then repeat these steps for each of several browsers or computers in which you use the service. This process removes all data from Evernote servers (incl backups). Once completed – your account will be permanently deleted! However… if you want everything erased right now – follow below instructions:

First, create a new email address. Then sign in to Evernote, go to Settings and click [Account Details]. Now delete your existing email address (just type @gmail.com, for example) then enter the one you just created. Next – click [Save Changes] at the bottom of the page. Finally, log out from your account using any browser or device where you use this service! That’s it! Everything erased right now!

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This may sound too simple but it really works great – all your data will be permanently deleted immediately after logging out! And if you ever need to restore deleted account back – simply do that same procedure again adding old email address instead of new one. Hardest part here is to remember password & log back to your Evernote account but if you did everything right once – there’s no need to remember anything. And that’s it!

If you spent a lot of time working in this service, creating different notes and notebooks or even paid premium plan – consider exporting all your data before deleting the account. There are few ways to do that: using Export Notes feature (for free users), third-party software (recommended) or manually copying notes/books first then copying them again into new Evernote account (if this will be created later). If you use premium plan – most likely your personal data is already saved in their servers so you can just delete old Evernote account and create new one with same plan. In any case, you should consider creating a backup of all your data before deleting Evernote account and do that with ease using third-party software. You can also download attachments from Evernote to PC or Mac. This way – your data are still safe even if you delete them permanently from servers! Note: if you use Dropbox – note notes there will be deleted instantly when removing Evernote account.

That’s it! Now anyone can easily delete Evernote account in minutes (as long as they remember password & login) and everything erased right now! If this guide didn’t work for you or if you have any questions left – feel free to comment below or contact us for help anytime! We’re here.

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How do I permanently delete my account?

To delete your account, go to their delete account page, enter your username and password, and hit the “Delete Account” button. Before clicking on this button it is recommended that you make sure you really want to do it because once an account has been deleted there are no chances of getting it back.

How do I delete all notes in Evernote?

Originally Answered: How can I delete all my notes at once? On a desktop with the installed Evernote client, sort the notes by created date which will (presumably) allow you to isolate the unwanted notes. Select the first note and scroll to / Shift-click the last. Click Delete.

How do I delete my free account?

Go to your Account.
Click Data and Personalization at the left menu.
Scroll down until you see “Delete a service or your account.”
Select Delete Your Account.

Is DeleteMe safe?

Protecting your private data Delete feels like it’s becomingMe protects more difficult. DeleteMe is an organization that protects a different side your of your private life by actively opting you out from the most egregious personal data aggregators and watching for anything private life in a way that most data collectors could never imagine. picking up around you again. That human element is what It’s operators face the challenge of seeking out and abandoning those who refuse to leave you alone DeleteMe costs, $129 per year – which has had many people reconsider. That human aspect is what sets it apart from its rivals, and also what makes it expensive: DeleteMe costs $129 per their plans.

How do you delete notes?

up menu appears. Tap Delete from there. From the list of notes, tap Edit in order to open up a note.
Tap Delete.

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