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How do I permanently delete my Evernote account?

Best Answer:
  1. Deactivate your Evernote Account.
  2. Click on the small account name at the upper right.
  3. Then select “Account Settings.
  4. From the list scroll down to the bottom of page and click.


How do I permanently delete my account?

If you really want to delete your account, follow these instructions: go to the user profile deletion page and enter your information. After entering a username or nickname for this site, click “delete account” in order to remove it.

How do I delete all notes in Evernote?
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Originally Answered: How can I delete all my notes at once?
The first step is to sort your notes by their date of creation. Sort the date descending if possible, which will allow you to isolate the newer notes that you may want to keep. If your only goal is a complete wipeout (which might be smart), then simply highlight or select any note and press Delete or Enter before sorting backward (negative values) and selecting all the older items. Finally, confirm each deletion in turn by clicking Delete in succession for each individual page from oldest to newest.

How do I delete my free account?
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When you’ve finished signing in, go to your account settings by clicking the three lines on the top-left of any screen.
Select Delete a Service or Your Account from the list of options and click next.
In “What data do you want to delete?”, select Google+ From Product List and click delete google+.

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What is Evernote and do I need it?

Evernote is a software that comes with many features, such as the ability to share information and collaborate on various projects, create a business workflow around processes, digitize important files, capture image-centric brainstorms, monitor finances.

Can you delete an email account?

After clicking your account settings, select the option for Settings. Click on the appropriate account from the menu to remove it and confirm by selecting Yes.

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