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How do I hide my email address on LinkedIn?

Best Answer:
  1. In the Privacy section of your profile page.
  2. Click “Who can see your email address.
  3. Then select one of the following options.
  4. Only visible to me – No one can see your email address.
  5. Only visible to me and my network – You will still be able to send messages but recipients cannot reply back through their Facebook account.


Can I hide my email address?
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In order to make your email address unreadable, use a primary account from one of the free services such as Outlook.com, Gmail, or Yahoo!. Your fake information when setting it up should go unanswered by these providers.

Who can see contact info on LinkedIn?

Contact information you entered in your profile is available to your 1st degree connections, individuals with whom you’ve sent connection invitations (and have not yet declined), and members who have interacted with you directly.

Can you be invisible on LinkedIn?
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Hide your LinkedIn profile’s public visibility by clicking the Me icon -> View Profile. Toggle Your profile’s public visibility to Off