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How do I get my old Myspace videos back?

Best Answer:
  1. If your old MySpace photos or videos cannot be found, this means that the data was not synced to your new profile. If you no longer have access to your old MySpace account, the data may be lost forever.

Can I find my old MySpace?

Myspace was a revolutionary place back in the day; you could find old MySpace friends, play Myspace games and listen to Myspace music. It’s hard to believe that Myspace is no longer there; however, it was shut down in 2011 -2012 by News Corp.

Sadly, it’s not possible anymore. If you try to search your username on Myspace you’ll be directed to the Myspace login page instead which redirects users to http://www.lastfm.com . You’ve tried everything: looking for an Myspace cache or an Myspacepages mirror but nothing seems to work anymore! You might want to give Myspace search engines a try ( Myspace 2.0 , Myspacemachine.org, Myspacesearch or Myspaceupdates ), but chances of finding your old friends are slim to none.

And that’s how it ends:

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1) You have no idea what happened to the Myspace page you used years ago;

2) Your Myspace contacts aren’t listed anywhere else and;

3) You don’t know where they ended up online either (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc). The only thing you can do is move on and forget about Myspace…hardly any people seem to miss it anyway!

Myspace was an awesome website when it first came out, but it’s time to let Myspace die.

Some Myspace users may have enjoyed the Myspace music social network which was relaunched in June 2013 with a new version called Myspace Music, although this one is just another site that wants your money and fills you up with ads! Myspace used to sell Myspace stocks for $12 billion back in 2011. If you had invested 5k into Myspace stock back in 2006, you’d be a millionaire by now! But then again why would you wanna invest all your hard earned money on something like Myspace ? Nobody uses it anymore so…

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How do I find my old posts on MySpace?

If you can’t locate your old MySpace account, it’s not possible to retrieve any photos. This is because they were never transferred to the new MySpace..

How do I recover an old MySpace account?

If you can’t figure out how to access your old MySpace account, please submit a customer service ticket with all the information we do have including your URL, username, email address, and full name. We will contact you and help you finish the process of deleting your account.
Your Chance: Submit a customer service ticket with all the information we do have including
– Your URL
– Username
– Email Address
– Full Name. We will contact you and help you finish deleting of your account

Why are some of my pictures missing on myspace?

So, how do I go back to a magical pre-Trumpian utopia?
Visit Myspace and sign in. …
On a desktop computer, click on the “Mixes” link. …On the “Mixes” page, click on “Classic — My Photos” and relive all of your former glory.

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How can I recover my myspace email and password?

One way to log into your Myspace account is by using the Username you selected during sign-up. To do this, enter your password and click next. If you forgot your password, go to Forgot Password?

Why won’t my old MySpace photos load?

To ensure that images saved from your Myspace account are transferred successfully in the new site, you need to log into your classic Myspace account and sync it with your updated profile.

Is there an app for MySpace?

The MySpace app is now live for Android device users. The cool features of this new mobile application include the ability to instantly upload photos from a user’s phone to their MySpace account and an ability to keep track of concert dates from band profiles.

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