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How do I get my LYFT account back?

Best Answer:
  1. If you are using a driver but have not been an active or let your documents expire, you may receive notification from Lyft that your account is now disabled.
  2. The solution to reactivating the account is to provide up-to-date documens and dependable drivers so that your account can be enabled again.

We don’t have the option to change the email registered with our account. However, you can contact Lyft to dispute your account status if your account was banned due to a misunderstanding. I’ve included their support email below in case you would like to reach out and try to find a resolution. You may also want to read up on their Terms of Service .

What is Lyft’s Refund Policy? Does Lyft offer an Exchange Program? What if my Lyft Driver doesn’t show up or cancels the ride before pickup? How do I get a refund of my cashless ride?

Lyft’s Refund Policy: Lyft does not offer an exchange program. If you are a passenger, Contact Lyft Support to request a refund . Your driver may also have the option to provide you with another ride free of charge if they are nearby. As for cancellations before pickup or no show incidents, please refer to their terms and conditions.

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Can I tip my Lyft Driver? What is the tipping policy with Lyft? Is there a way I can leave my driver a cash tip without using Cashless Payment?

Yes, you can tip your driver! You will need to do this BEFORE you reach your destination with cash or credit/debit card. Please check out their Tips section for more information about how to go about this.

Yes! You can always contact the support team and ask for another Driver. This would be best done before paying for your ride so that the other driver knows exactly where you’re located. You may also want to review their Fare Policy . It lists all policies regarding cancellations, no shows, etc. If you feel like you deserve a refund after a bad experience, please Contact Support . I’ve included their email below in case you would like to reach out and try to find an amicable resolution with them. Be sure to include as many details about your situation.

I have recently had my account closed without any notice. I have contacted lyft and they said that the reason was because their system flagged me for being inactive. The problem is that I never checked out of a ride. A passenger requested to pick me up at my house, and when there was no response by him or anyone in about 10 minutes I cancelled the ride myself from my dashboard (as you can do on Lyft). After cancelling it myself, my account was quickly suspended and then deleted all together within hours of each other. They stated that they will not be able to get back into the account for security reasons but it will automatically be reactivated after 7 days if i sign up again with a new phone number/email address? Is this true? If so, how can I get my information back? Can someone please help me with this situation.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us today about your recent deactivation from the Lyft community. We are sorry that you’ve been having a problem with our system recognizing your activity over the last few weeks and are happy to look into your account to see if we were able to improperly deactivate it. As a result of that investigation we will be restoring your access in full within the next 48 hours. Please update your profile picture and vehicle information for your account to be reactivated on our system and you can re-activate a new Lyft rider promotion as well.

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Can you get your LYFT account reactivated?

If your car is too old to use, Lyft will deactivate you. To fix this issue, your only option is to get a newer vehicle to drive. Once you’ve done this, you can notify Lyft and they’ll reactivate you.

Why is my LYFT account disabled?
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When your Lyft account has been disabled, you’ll be logged out of the app and will receive an error message when trying to request a ride. You should also receive a notification by text informing you that your account has been disabled.

What happens when you delete your LYFT account?

Lyft will not delete user data if the account is deactivated and instead saves your information in accordance with its privacy policy.

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