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How do I delete transaction history?

Best Answer:
  1. Visit the bank.
  2. Choose a bank account.
  3. View the activity list by scrolling down.
  4. Determine whether you want to use filters and modify the period if necessary.
  5. Select the transaction.
  6. Click the checkbox to its left.
  7. Action icons will appear.
  8. To remove your selection.
  9. Click on the bin icon next to it.

How To Delete Google Pay Transaction History?


Can you delete bank transaction history?

From this screen, select the bank account in which you wish to deposit money. Select the tick box next to transactions you wish to remove from your activity tab. A toolbar has now been added above the list. Choose More then Remove Cleared Status from the menu on the toolbar.

How do I remove payment activity from Google?
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From the drop-down menu, choose ‘All goods.’ Select Google Pay from the list. Tap the Delete button and then OK to dismiss the pop-up message. In addition, a pop-up appears asking if you want to delete all of your Google pay activity; select Delete.

How do I delete transaction history on my phone?
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Step 1 – To access your existing PhonePe account, go to www.phonepe.com and log in. Step 2 – Now, head directly to the transaction history page. Step 3 – Select the history you wish to delete by tapping on it. Step 4 – Select the older version of the transaction you want to erase by clicking on it.

How do I delete a bank statement?

Select Bank accounts from the Accounting menu. Select the bank account you wish to remove your bank statement from. … Click Showing, then Statements. Select the date of the statement you want to delete by using the drop-down menu provided. At the bottom of the list of statement lines, click Delete Entire Statement.

How do I get my transaction history from Google?
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To use Google Pay, open it and log in. To view all transactions, tap All transactions at the bottom of the screen. Tap a contact to see their entire transaction history. nSelect each transaction to view further information.