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How do I delete songs from CD Baby?

Best Answer:
  1. By logging into your CD Baby Artist Account.
  2. Selecting the.
  3. The buttons are next to your album title.
  4. And then clicking the.
  5. Cancellation Options link under the Album Info.
  6. Heading you may cancel the.
  7. Distribution of any existing albums you are.
  8. Selling through CD Baby.

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Does CD Baby keep your music up forever?

The standard distribution fee through CD Baby is currently $9.95 USD per single or $29 USD per album. You never have to pay again after paying the one-time charge, and your music will be on streaming services for as long as you like. This means that the songs will be available indefinitely on streaming platforms.

How do I delete an album?
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To remove an album, simply tap the red “-” button in the upper left corner of a photo. Then choose “Delete Album” from the pop-up message to confirm the operation. You may only remove albums that aren’t “Recents” or “Favorites.”

Does CD Baby own your music?

The artist owns all of the legal rights to their work, and CD Baby allows musicians to receive compensation for streams, downloads, sales, sync licensing, YouTube Music advertising revenue, book royalties, and more.

What’s better DistroKid or ditto?
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When compared to Ditto Music, DistroKid is a superior music supplier due to its reputation, track record, and customer service. Although on paper Ditto is clearly the superior music distributor, it is difficult to suggest them due to their poor standing in the music industry.

Is CD Baby reliable?

After being one of the first digital platforms to sell physical albums from independent musicians, CD Baby began as one of the world’s initial digital selling platforms for physical recordings. Today, it is one of the most well-known and trusted digital music distributors in the world, having grown considerably beyond its modest origins in terms of services and outreach.

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