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How do I delete old email addresses in Thunderbird?

Best Answer:
  1. Lt is possible to delete an address from Address Book.
  2. To remove a mail address.
  3. Go to the Address Book menu bar and click Remove.
  4. Delete next to the email address.

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How do I delete an email address from Thunderbird?

Delete Thunderbird. Open the menu of your operating system and choose Tools, then Thunderbird. Click the Thunderbird Menu icon (three horizontal bars) in the upper-right corner of the Thunderbird window. Select Account Settings from Options by hovering your cursor over it. Then, go to Account Actions and click Remove Account.

How do I delete an outdated email address?
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To modify someone’s email address, go to their Google Contacts and type the name of the person whose email address you wish to change in the white search bar. … After hover over the incorrect/old email address, click the checkbox. Select [Delete] from the upper-right corner of your screen.

How do I delete a collected address?
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To remove the incorrect contact/email address from your Address Book or Collected addresses: On ‘Address Book,’ click on ‘Collected Addresses,’ then choose the wrong contact. Delete or alter it and save so that when you type in a Write message, it will offer the correct spelling next time.