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How do I delete my WoW account?

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  1. To delete your WoW account you will need to remove all of the personal information from it and close down the account. If you wish to take this step, please create a request for removing personal information and proceeding with the move will permanently delete all records connected to that account.

How to delete WoW account

Asking if WoW account deletion being easy is like asking a fish if cold water is nice. WoW players are not in WoW for the sake of WoW, but to enjoy the experience of WoW.  WoW accounts are bound to your gamertags; after all you slogged through 60 hours only to have Kronos say “Not this server”.  This article shall be a guide on how to delete your WoW account and start anew without having any complications whatsoever.

In WoW, there are two types of characters, one being the WoW account and the other is a WoW character.  WoW characters can be added onto existing WoW accounts but WoW accounts cannot be deleted from WoW characters.  If you have friends who play WoW on different servers then take note that they have no way of deleting your WoW account or migrating to another server except for contacting customer support with technical matters.

How To Delete Your WoW Account (PC)

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To delete your WoW account in PC simply:

Go To Start > Run > Type “TASKMGR” without quotes and press OK . Choose the process named “explorer”. Right click on it and choose End task . If you get a UAC prompt, click Allow (Read) or Yes . WoW will close. Open WoW again and choose ” Change Character ” from the main menu. WoW will ask to make certain that you wish to delete your WoW account. Choose Delete WoW Account . WoW will proceed to delete your WoW account, which may take awhile depending on the size of your WoW characters and inventory. WoW will ask to select the server that you wish to play WoW on. Choose a WoW character and WoW will proceed to delete your WoW account. The message “Please wait while World of Warcraft configures your character.” will appear, indicating that WoW has deleted your WoW account successfully.

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How do I delete an inactive WoW account?

If you are aware of inactive or junk account and want to move them onto your newly created battle.net, then reach out to blizzard support (tickets are junk).

How can I delete my account?

Go to the Settings on your mobile phone and tap Delete Account. Tap Yes when prompted, which will delete all matches as well as all account information, including data and photos.

How do I rename my wow account?
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Unfortunately, there is no way to alter the name of individual World of Warcraft accounts. If you created your account before the new Blizzard Account system, then your moniker may be unique. Otherwise, other players will not know what your account name is and how to request an invitation with it.

How do I delete my PiggyVest account?

To permanently remove your PiggyVest account, please send an email requesting the deletion to [email protected]

How much is a WoW name change?

Register your account at Account Management (https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/account/) if you wish to change your in-game name for $10 a time.

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