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How do I delete my Pearson MyLab account?

Best Answer:

If you wish to remove this course from your education plan.


How do I delete my Pearson account?

In Site Manager, click the Personnel category and then select Users tab. The Users tab displays a list of user accounts already defined at your test center.
Locate the desired entry in the list and click Delete to delete selected entry. A message appears and asks if you wish to continue with deletion; click Yes for confirmation.

How long does a Pearson account last?
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Student/instructor subscriptions are valid for the length of their course/four years, respectively. For instructor/​student subsriptions, refer to the following:
Instructor subscriptions last four years and student subscriptions depend on the duration of their courses.

How do I unlink my Pearson account from canvas?

Delaying any course grades or adding new ones will ensure your Canvas gradebook is not duplicating values.
To avoid duplication, delete any existing Pearson grades in your Canvas gradebook first.