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How do I delete my old ps3 account?

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How do I close my account on a PlayStation device:

  1. Go to the PlayStation support website.
  2. In the search bar where it asks you for an issue or question.
  3. Type “Close Account”.
  4. Select which device you would like to close your account on.

You need to delete the game data on your PS3 and start a new profile. To play digital games you have purchased previously, sign into your PSN account under Settings > PlayStation Network Account Management > Restore Licenses. If you do not see this option, it means that you do not have any associated licenses for products on your PSN account. When you delete a game data, this option will be removed and the next time you sign into PSN, your list of accounts will display a new profile. Delete all your game data on the PS3 to start from scratch.

How to delete my ps3 account?

When you delete game data, this option will be removed and the next time you sign into PSN, your list of accounts will display a new profile. Delete all your game data on the PS3 to start from scratch.

go in settings>accounts>active profile>select another from the list and start a new one with a new nickname….or create another account that exists only for playing digital downloads ( games downloaded directly on the ps3) or go to the store on your ps3 and buy new games ( they will appear on the new/existing account. )

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Does everyone have to delete all their profile to start from scratch? No, only if you want to play a game that was previously downloaded from PSN. After deleting the whole data of an account, you can’t connect it again for playing games ( even digital ones) unless you go in settings>accounts>active profile>select another one and start a new profile..but after this, you need to link your psn id again under “restore licenses” tab. Then you can play anything available for download….and vice versa…you don’t have to delete everything if you want only to reset your trophies..simply.

How do I deactivate all PS3 accounts?

You need to use an account with administrative privileges (root/superuser). You can do this via the PS3 XMB menu. Go to User Settings > Log In > Enter your password for user 1 or user 2 > Down arrow twice to “Log out of PSN” and press triangle. A dialogue box will pop up saying “Are you sure you wish to log out of all users?”. Confirm by selecting Yes, then pressing the X button to close the dialogue box. Close down the PS3 and switch it on again. All accounts have been deactivated at this point!

How do I deactivate all PS3 accounts? Article ID: SLN30549 Last Modified: July 21, 2013, Print Beautiful big banner Want to change this design? This article is for you. By default, a PS3™ system in the Standby or Powered Off mode will have only one active user account. This is important because it limits what someone can see and use if your system is stolen. If the system contains no active user accounts, then anyone can log on and use any content stored on it with no restrictions whatsoever. Unfortunately.

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How do I remove my old PSN account from my PS3?

Users can go to PlayStation Network and sign into their accounts. They have the option of deactivating or activating various content types for their system; a game or video, for instance.
Users will see System Activation in the navigation bar on the right side of the screen and select it to continue. They then choose Game or Video from the scrollable window, highlight Deactivate System, and hit enter.

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Can I delete an old PlayStation account?

In order to delete your account, you need the following information: Your sign-in ID which is your email address. … Security information that you added to protect your account.

How do I deactivate all PS3 accounts?

Go to [Account] > [Media and Devices], and then select
[Deactivate All] for the type of content you want to deactivate.

How do I deactivate my PS3 without a system?

To deactivate the PlayStation Network service, sign in to your Sony Entertainment Network account and click “My Account” followed by “Media & Devices”. Find the game in question on the following page and click it; on the next window there should be a button that says “Deactivate All”.

How do I change the PSN account on my PS3?

Sign in to the Playstation Network account page (with your email address) and change the Sign-in ID, selecting “Confirm.” If you are changing a subaccount’s sign-in name, update the Master Account.