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How do I delete my official LINE account?

Best Answer:
  1. Select the Home Friends or More tab Settings Account.
  2. Delete account.
  3. Select Deactivate at the bottom of the screen and then.
  4. Tap Delete Account Delete.

How to Delete Line App Account Permanently 2021.


Can you permanently delete a LINE account?

After your account is deleted, it will be unusable. This implies everything you’ve bought, friends, group lists, chat histories, applications, and so on. It’s a doomsday scenario if you lose your LINE account because nothing associated with the number may be restored once it’s destroyed.

What will happen if I delete my LINE app?
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When you remove the LINE app from your phone or computer, all of your chat history is erased. Even if you delete the program, your LINE account stays intact, including your buddies list and stickers that you’ve purchased.

How do I remove my number from LINE registered?

Go to More Settings in the LINE app and select Accounts. Tap the Link button when you see the Facebook logo. Link your account after pressing the Link option, then remove your phone’s LINE app. Then reinstall it.

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How do you permanently delete line messages?

To remove a message, simply hold down a sent message and choose “Unbend” from the menu that appears. The selected message will be removed from both sender and recipient’s devices, as well as the chat room, and a notification will appear informing everyone in the group that a message has been deleted.

Does line play delete old accounts?
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You may log out of LINE PLAY by following these steps: LINE PLAY is a service that is linked to your LINE, Facebook, or Twitter account. Your avatar will be deleted if you don’t play on it for one year or more. If you delete the account connected to LINE Play, so will your avatar.