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How do I delete my locked twitter account?

Best Answer:
  1. Unfortunately.
  2. It’s impossible to delete a suspended.
  3. Restricted.
  4. Or locked Twitter account.
  5. The only way to delete a locked account.
  6. Is by unlocking and deactivating it in the usual manner.

No, accounts that are deleted by the user cannot be recovered. If you intend to use the same username again in the future, then we recommend saving your Tweets via TwitSave or an automated service such as We Save Your Tweets before deleting your account. This means that even though your account has been deleted and will no longer appear in search results and lists of followers, anyone who has previously followed you can still see all of your saved tweets in chronological order just like they always have.

How long does it take for Tweets to be removed from the Twitter service? Can I recover them after this has been done?

We do not currently have an exact timeframe for how long it takes Tweets to be removed from our system upon account deletion, but we are working to improve our ability to process this information and offer it as a feedback option within the Help Centre (which is available in all our global languages). Our current estimate based on historical data shows that complete removal of your content may take up to 30 days. If you want someone else’s Tweet removed from your profile page or if they unfollowed you, then please let them know and they can request their own Tweet deletion via Help Centre .

How can I prevent my account from being hacked?

Be sure to use a strong password for your Twitter account: at least 8 characters long, with upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. Don’t tell it to anyone else or write it down anywhere. Your email address should also be secure – make sure you don’t share that with anyone either! Also

, do not share your password with any third party applications you may be using to enhance or extend Twitter functionality. Don’t use your Twitter password for multiple websites and services. Finally, we recommend changing your password regularly (particularly if it’s been a year since you last changed it). You can change your password here .

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How long does the recovery process take?

Generally, we aim to complete account verification within 24 hours of receiving the request. However, certain factors can influence this time frame so it is difficult to estimate exactly when an account will be verified. Please note that there are some restrictions for those who have previously had their accounts locked because of suspicious behaviour or other violations of our Terms of Service . Read more about the procedure at How long.

You can unblock Twitter account on your own by following the steps you will find below. It is very easy to unlock twitter profile, we recommend you to follow the 3 steps that we provide to be sure of unlocking your account correctly and quickly.

To get started, log in to your Twitter Account @example or verify your email as described here: https://support.twitter.com/articles/14222?lang=en

Go to http://www.twitterunlocks.com/ Click on “Unlock my profile” Enter all information required After submitting all information, click on “Continue” Follow the instructions given (wait 15-30 minutes) Your account should now be unlocked! Share this page with friends if you need help!

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Important: You may be asked to send a tweet on your @example account, or provide an image with text mentioning UnlockMyTwitter (@example). Please do it. This is needed in order to complete your account unlock correctly.

This page has been protected by MD5 encryption technology to protect against robots scanning, harvesting and indexing our website. It was last scanned (and locked) 4 hours ago. Last successful login . Unblocker Tested successfully 24/7/365 with “Automated System” status. If you still can’t access the information please contact us using the form below.(we reply within 1 business day) How many computers / mobile devices will you use this site on? Who is the person trying to access the information? (we reply within 1 business day) Error Code: Please enter a description.

Successfully Unlocked! @example – your profile has been unlocked! You can start using it right now, if you have lost your password please request a new one here: https://twitter.com/settings/resend_verification Enter Captcha below * This is not needed unless you type in an incorrect captcha image for added security


How do I delete an old Twitter account I can’t access?

Use your friend’s Twitter account or create a new one. Go to Twitter Support and request that old account be deleted; supply the appropriate, identifying information so we know it is you. After confirming the account should be deleted, you will need to sign in using that new account which has been created.

How long does it take for a locked Twitter account to be deleted?
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We routinely take up to 72 hours to process account restorations, and will notify you through social media or email when it is complete. The date of your account’s restoration must be used within 30 days, after which we cannot guarantee that the access may be reinstated.

How do I take the lock off my Twitter?

To protect your tweets, scroll down to the Protected Tweets section. When you reach this screen there will be an arrow next to where Twitter asks if you would like to cancel or protect. Click Protect, and when prompted make sure Cancel is not selected. To unprotect your tweets simply select the box that says these are unprotected and choose Cancel in place of Protect when prompted.

What do I do if my Twitter account is locked for age?

Twitter only allows people aged 13 or older to create accounts, so when an account is locked for being underage Twitter sends out an email containing a ‘Get Started’ button. To remove the age restriction you need to upload a government-issued document which proves your date of birth such as a driver’s license.

Do Twitter delete inactive accounts?

Inactive Twitter accounts are friends who have not engaged with you on Twitter within the last 6 months. Accounts may be permanently removed due to prolonged inactivity.

How can I get my Twitter back without a phone number and email?

Access the password reset page on Twitter. If your username is available, enter it and you will be prompted to choose an email address.