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How do I delete my Jobcase profile?

Best Answer:
  1. Send an email to [email protected] with the following message:
  2. Dear Jobcase,I want to delete my account and all information from your database. Please confirm when this has been done by sending me a confirmation email Thanks!

Do I need to deactivate or cancel first? Which one is better for me? Do they have the same effects on my account? What are the differences between deleting and canceling an account in Jobcase? Is there any way to reactivate it after deletion if I want to get back into the platform later on down the line when maybe more opportunities become available again? Can I still use all features but just not sign up anymore or upload anything new as long as I don’t log out from within my browser?

In order to delete your Jobcase account, you must cancel it first. Unlike deleting an account, canceling will leave all of the content in your profile intact and available for other users. You can reactivate or log back into your account at any time by simply re-entering your username/email address and password when signing up again on the login screen. If you do not want others accessing information from what used to be your old job search platform then this is a good option because it does not remove anything permanently – so if things should change down the line (new opportunities) there are no worries!

If you have already canceled but would now like to delete it instead please contact our support team with proof that you’ve deleted it.

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To unsubscribe: Enter your email address in the provided field, then select “I want to unsubscribe from Jobcase” from the drop-down menu. Type your request into the “Message box” and confirm by clicking submit.

Is Jobcase a safe site?

JobCase has a 1.32-star rating out of 5 on consumer reviews, indicating that most customers are dissatisfied with their purchases. JobCase ranks 120th among job sites in general.

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