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How do I delete my crunchyroll history?

Best Answer:
  1. You can clear your entire viewing history by going to your Queue.
  2. Then clicking on History under the “Queue” section.
  3. Hit the Clear History button to reset all episodes of every show you’ve watched back to the beginning and delete your entire viewing history.

You can watch any anime on your list as many times as you’d like. The number of times an episode has been watched will be displayed next to the episode in the history section for that series, and a counter will appear beside the thumbnail image on the streaming page. You can also click on My ANIME LIST (the link at top) > Watching On Crunchyroll… to see how often you’ve seen particular episodes. The number is shown in parentheses right below the episode title. If you’d like to remove this information from your Viewing History, please go here

There are two viewing histories associated with each account–one specifically for anime and one more general “viewing history” that includes TV shows and movies. You can hide either or both of these histories by clicking on your username at the top right-hand corner of any Crunchyroll page, then selecting Privacy Settings. Under “Personal Information,” check the box next to “Hide Viewing History (anime and drama only).” You may still watch as many anime as you like!

The Crunchyroll Community Team Hey all-In an attempt to make the Crunchyroll viewing experience as enjoyable as possible, we would love to hear from you if there are any questions or suggestions that you have. Just post below and ask away!!This thread is for questions and suggestions regarding the site in general (not specific series).Make sure to keep an eye on this thread and vote up your favorite questions/suggestions! We’ll be posting answers during off-hours here on the forums.Thanks again everyone, look forward to hearing what you all have to say!#1The best way to report issues with streaming video playback is by clicking thebutton at the top of a program’s page when watching anime.That will take you directly into our system where our engineers are already automatically notified about the issue. Don’t worry about making a “new” post because your issue has already been taken care of!#2There are many reasons why subtitles may not be available for an episode of anime, but the two most common ones are:Please note that these issues aren’t always at our end, and there is a small possibility that we won’t be able to resolve them at all. Lastly, no matter what the reason was for the delay or lack thereof, we always try to have subtitles available as soon as possible.#3We’re happy to announce that you can now hide spoilers on Crunchyroll by clicking this icon in-player or from any full-episode page:You’ll find this option under Our New Look > Watch Slideshow.

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manga, anime streaming service. As a registered user you can watch and read anything that is available for viewing or reading on the site without making use of any additional fee. If you want to watch a video using captions, however, you will need to become part of the premium membership called “All-Access” which comes at a monthly charge of $6.95. You can upgrade your membership anytime in case this is not what you are looking for with no trouble whatsoever. All members get access to: Crunchyroll

is awebsite www.crunchyroll.com/ that you can visit in order to watch thousands of Japanese anime and manga videos, past episodes & movies for free, legally! Crunchyroll is also an onlinecommunity forum that offers members the opportunity to interact with other people who share similar interests as them or exchange their thoughts and feelings about various topics. The site differentiates itself from other streaming websites by offering exclusively content from Asia. It has a massive library which includes:

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Crunchyroll was founded in 2006 by a group of students from UCLA’s department of communication studies named “Co-Founders” (namely Kun Gao [Qian], Youssef Ezzy [Masafumi], Michael Duong [Mikito], and Yongheng Xie [Yee]). The website is registered in California.

Crunchyroll offers its users a fold-in search engine that can help you find specific movies, TV series or videos with ease just by entering the title of the media you want to access. You can also perform a general search using its built-in browse option for this purpose. Crunchyroll’s network consists of over 45,000 episodes which are available to stream online as they air on television in Japan! It also contains more than 2,500 Manga titles along with illustrations drawn by various artists from around the world! If you ever experience lagging while browsing or streaming content through the website then please note that it.


How can I see my crunchyroll history?
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If you are a premium member and have successfully logged in, then click the Queue button. At the top of the page should be a history tab; click on that and you will see all your past shows. Fire3 wrote

How do you clear your watch history?

Remove a video: Tap history in the Library tab and on the History page, next to the video’s details, tap More > Remove from watch history.

How do I delete my watch history on funimation?

We’ve added the History section to your YouTube profile. Now, you can see which videos have been watched on the site and now, you can clear your video history for these videos.