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How do I delete a primary account in Outlook?

Best Answer:
  1. Close Outlook.
  2. Open Control Panel and find Mail in the list of programs.
  3. Removing primary account from Account Settings, delete all secondary.
  4. Delete the old data files as well with Data Files tab open.

Remove Primary account from Outlook

Delete your Outlook mailbox to remove a primary account from the profile, but keep all of its messages and folders.

You can delete e-mail accounts in any of these situations:

To temporarily disconnect an e-mail account from Windows Live Mail, such as when you want to log into another mail service (like Hotmail or Gmail). To permanently remove an existing e-mail account. If you do this, the mailbox is deleted from the server used by Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and deleted permanently from that server. This creates a new “deleted” or “disconnected” folder on the server where you will be able to recover deleted items for 30 days after deletion (server time), but still reduce storage space on your local

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account. To permanently remove your Exchange account from the profile while keeping all of your messages and folders.

To delete an e-mail account:

1. On the File menu, click Account Settings .

2. Click E-mail in the left pane, then click More Settings . 3. Choose the account you want to delete, then click Delete .

3a. You will not be able to delete an active account while Outlook is running or if a copy of that mailbox is open (for example, a draft message). Make sure no Outlook windows are using this box before attempting to delete it.

3b. If you don’t want to use Microsoft’s servers anymore, choose This server will always use POP3 and SMTP instead of IMAP. This will still enable you to use a POP3 client, such as Windows Live Mail or another e-mail client on your computer to get your messages, but it will disable access to the Microsoft Exchange server via IMAP and SMTP.

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4. Click OK .

5. When prompted, click Yes , then wait for Outlook to complete the account deletion process. Deleting an account does not delete any messages in that inbox (or other mail folders). If you want to permanently remove all of the messages from the mailbox, you need to empty it first before deleting the account itself: Open Inbox > Tools > Account Settings… > Delete this Account . This option is only available if there are no subfolders under Inbox


How do I remove a primary account from Outlook regedit?

Before following the below method, please close all Outlook tasks and exit the program.

How do I remove an account from Outlook app?

– Open the finder and navigate to Settings.
– Tap Name of Account.
– Tap Remove Account from Device and Remote

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Does removing an account from Outlook delete it?

When you delete an account from Outlook and Windows Mail, the account will permanently disappear from both. You’ll also go through the process of purging all past data too.

How do I deactivate outlook but not delete?

Select the “All Accounts” send/receive group in the new window, and then click the “Edit” button. Select the account you want to disable, and then clear the check box next to “Include the Selected Account in This Group.” Click “OK” to save the change.

How do I delete Microsoft account?

To delete an email, calendar, and contact account from your phone, open System Settings > Accounts > Email & accounts. Under Accounts used by email, calendar, and contacts select the desired account you would like to remove. Then select Manage and Delete Account from this device. Confirm deletion with Delete to complete task.