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How do I delete a group in Gmail?

Best Answer:
  1. Delete a Google Groups account.
  2. In the top right corner.
  3. Click My groups.
  4. Find the desired group in the list and on its right side.
  5. Next to Manage Group.
  6. Click Delete this group. On confirmation window that pops up, click Delete this group.

If you’ve ever created a group in Gmail, you know how enlightening it is to have all your incoming email organized. But after a while, just like with most things, groups can become a bit too much to handle. Thankfully, managing and deleting these groups is easy — and this guide will show you how!

What are groups in Gmail?

In short: Google Groups for the Web. You can think of them as the virtual equivalent of having an inbox full of people; they’re basically folders where anything sent to the group gets stored together on one page. This makes finding that old message from Bob that has absolutely nothing to do with your current project way easier than searching through everything in your general mailbox. And because most people don’t want to be wading through a bunch of messages every time they need something from someone, Gmail automatically sorts the group folder into subfolders, which you can see below Bob’s message.

Why would I want to delete a group?

The main reason people delete groups is because the group becomes too large. Oftentimes, you’ll start a new group with maybe two or three people to swap links and share images, but inevitably more and more people will join without you even realizing it (because they were invited by other members). Before you know it, your link-exchange folder has 130+ messages in it — and that’s far from ideal for anyone who just wants to get rid of all those marketing emails (or totally embarrassing drunken party photos) without going through each message individually. Deleting a specific folder works great if you’re only looking to nix one thread/picture at a time; however.

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Delete Google Family Group Account?

If you delete your Google  Family  group account, you can no longer create new  Family  groups or edit existing ones.

  • You’ll also lose access to the following:

Your Google Account will show a “This account is not active” message in place of your personal profile and settings. Your data on services like YouTube and Photos will be cleared out. Apps that use information from your Google Account may stop working or lose access to info they were previously able to access.

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Google+ Pages that used your family members’ Google+ accounts as managers will lose the photos, posts, and +1’s made through those accounts and won’t be automatically deleted from Google+. To delete these pages, follow the instructions on this Help Center page . If you want all content related to you (including posts made with your Google+ profile) removed from the people you’ve shared it with, follow the instructions on this Help Center page .

Google Play All Family  group  apps on your Android device will show a “This app is not compatible” message and can’t be used when you uninstall them. If one of your family members uninstalls an app, they won’t be able to reinstall it unless they rejoin that group.


How do you permanently delete a group?
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Navigate to the Facebook “Groups” page at facebook.com. Select the group that you wish to delete. Navigate to the left-hand side of the screen and then click “Members.” Next, find each member’s name in this area and select “Remove from Group.” Hit “Confirm” when done selecting individuals for removal from your group.

How do I delete a group?

To delete a group, search for it and tap “Delete Group” under the group’s name. As just a regular member of the group, you are not able to delete it; but you can leave at any time.

How do I delete a contact group?

On Contacts on iCloud.com, select the group that contains the contact you want to delete. Select the contact and then press “Delete key.”

How do I delete a group of emails?

To delete an email, select it and press the “delete” button or key. To remove multiple emails in a group, hold down the “Ctrl” key while you click on each one.