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How do I delete a follower on SoundCloud?

Best Answer:

If you want to stop someone from following or interacting with your account, all you need to do is block them. You can find the option in the top right corner of their profile page. When you block an account, not only will it keep them as a follower/fan but it will delete any interactions and content they may have made on your posts.

This then presents a way for users to remove old followers who make unwanted interactions without needing to lose any interaction with potential fans of their work.


Should I follow people back on SoundCloud?
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Shorter, clearer sentence: If a lot of users follow you then some may unfollow you. Don’t follow them back afterwards though unless you like their art.

Can you fake SoundCloud plays?

Sell your tracks on SoundCloud with every fake play you can get.
Changed in the clarity: A “Real” Soundcloud Play is one that a user either uploaded or streamed through their account themselves. They come from bots (or fake profiles) who are paid for these services, and will have no incentive to actually purchase your track per sey nor become fans of yours.

Are SoundCloud likes real?
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SoundCloud likes from Famups will not only help increase your numbers, but also make them more engaging. These plays have a real impact on you and may even get you noticed by a label.

How do I stop followers?

Locate the person’s profile on Facebook, and check to see if they have messages or events you want to join too. Next, look for three dots (…) that are next to their name and click them. Block from the list of options given and then confirm your choice.

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