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How do I delete a duplicate Facebook page?

Best Answer:
  1. As an admin, visit the duplicate Facebook company page you wish to delete. Next, click on the “Edit Page” button under the profile picture. Then select “Manage Permissions” from below this option’s list of choices

How to Remove Duplicate Facebook Pages

Have you ever wondered why Facebook doesn’t provide the option to delete a duplicate Facebook page? Perhaps you’ve accidentally created a second account for your business, or perhaps someone else has used your email address to create an undesired profile. No matter what the reason, you can easily eliminate that duplicate using one of our step-by-step guides below!

Step 1: Log out of Your Current Account and into the Fake Account

Log out of your current account (the fake one) but don’t close your browser. Now open a new tab and log in to the real Facebook account from which the fake Facebook page came (or another legitimate profile).

Step 2: Go to your Fake Facebook Profile

Go to the fake page, and give it a brief examination. If you like what you see or don’t see (i.e., if the profile is just what you wanted, or if you’ve realized there’s nothing good about it), then click the Favorites icon next to the Like button in the top right corner of your browser window, then close out of that tab. If, however, this account looks suspicious (i.e., has odd photos, unexpected information in its About section), move on to Step 3 below.

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Step 3: Confirm Delete via Account Removal Form

Open another new tab in your browser and go directly to  http://www.facebook.com/help/delete_account.php   (if you’re on a mobile device, then visit  http://www.facebook.com/mobile/help/delete_account.php ). You’ll see the following page:

If everything looks accurate so far, click CONTINUE once again and then enter your password in the popup window that appears next to retrieve one last verification code . Type it in at the prompt and wait for Facebook to confirm your choice :

You’ve just successfully removed a duplicate Facebook account! Note that there is no way to re-add a profile after deleting it, so if you have more than one Facebook account, you’ll have to create a new profile if the need arises.

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Step 4: Delete Your Browser History

Now that you’ve manually deleted a duplicate FB profile, you might as well go ahead and clear out your browser history so no information about the fake FB page remains on your computer. Click within the drop-down menu located in the top right corner of Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox


How do I delete a duplicate Facebook account?

Yes, you will have to reconnect with each one, but it is worth deleting the extra profile.
Next, click on your account name (top right of screen). Under personal information in the righthand column, click on close account. Then select the reason you want to leave and click continue.

How do I delete an extra page on Facebook?

The first step to delete a page is going to the Settings menu for your profile. Next, choose from the “Remove Pages” section and select “Edit.” You will see a blank confirmation box that gives you an option to remove the page permanently. Hover over it to check the correct mouse button, then click on it. Confirm your selection after reviewing what will happen by clicking “Permanently delete [Your Page Name].”

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How do I delete a Facebook page I didn’t create?

If you are not an Administrator of the Page: Go to the Page you wish to delete.

How do I unlink two Facebook accounts?

One of the most common reasons a user may be unable to delete a Page is because they are not an admin. If you are an admin and still cannot remove your own Page, it is possible that another administrator canceled the deletion before 14 days had passed.

How do I delete pages?

To delete a page, click or tap anywhere in the page you want to delete, press Ctrl+G. In the Enter page number box type \page. Press Enter on your keyboard and then select Close. Before deleting verify that a Page of content is selected and then press Delete button of the keyboard.