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How do I add a Google account to my Samsung j7?

Best Answer:
  1. Swipe up from the Home screen.
  2. Then go to Settings.
  3. Tap Accounts again.
  4. Add an account is the next step (Tap Add Account).
  5. Google should be selected (Google should be chosen; see below).
  6. Fill in your Gmail address.
  7. Then.
  8. Tap NEXT (located in the lower-right corner).

Samsung Galaxy J7 (SM J700) FRP Unlock or Google Account Bypass || Without PC


How do I setup a Google account on my Samsung J7?
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Swipe up from the Home screen then tap Settings. Accounts. . Tap again. Tap Accounts again. Then, tap Add account. . Select Google from the drop-down menu and create an account if necessary… Fill in the First and Last fields with your desired names, then click Next. Continue by entering the correct date of birth and gender…

How do I add a Google account to my Samsung phone?
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Swipe up from the home screen to see all of your installed applications. To get to “Accounts and backup,” tap “Settings.” Select “Cloud and accounts” or “Accounts and backup.” Tap “Accounts” if you’re using a Google account, or choose “Add new account” under the Gmail tab. Choose Google from the

Is Samsung account the same as Google account?
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After you’ve created a Samsung account, use it to access all of the Samsung services without having to create or log in to any other accounts. You must set up a Google Account on every Android phone. Your Samsung Account is distinct from that, and it provides capabilities that aren’t available anywhere else.